Center your soul and spirit

from mother earth to you

Ayana connects the natural healing power of earth crystals with people from all walks of life, all over the world.

Peace, balance, health and happiness

Ayana Crystals supports seekers of peace, balance, health and happiness. We help harness the raw, natural energy of crystals and connect them with humanity.

‘The power of healing crystals is
something we simply have to share with
the world.’

Be your best self

Whether using these stones for meditation, aiding a healing process, or increasing an energy you want to amplify, you can rest assured that Ayana has sourced authentic healing crystals from across the globe.

Crystals have the power to help - help you tap into the power to heal yourself.

Ayana Crystals are ethically sourced from trusted global partners. Every crystal is Certified Ayana Authentic.​
Our crystals embody the power, healing and raw natural beauty of Mother Earth. ​
Center your spirit and calm your mind with these pure and powerful gifts of nature.​

Authentic crystals you can trust

The Ayana Certificate of Authenticity

Ayana Crystal Certification ensures that every one of our crystals are of the world’s finest. Crystal healers, therapists, and home practitioners rely on Ayana Crystal purity to support their work. Our standards are comprehensive, formalized, and strictly adhered to.

In these times of uncertainty, we hope to help people bring balance and harmony to their lives.

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