15 Amazing Benefits of Teething Amber Necklaces

While teething is a natural process and kids become habitual to it with time, the process seems a little difficult for babies who are facing it for the very first time. The basic symptoms of pain, itching and sore gums make your baby feel irritated and the long sleepless nights for you as well as for your baby become a major problem for the entire family. In such situations, teething amber necklaces can be of great help!

Teething amber necklaces are the latest and easiest way to help your child stay calm and happy during the teething procedure. Teething necklaces, made from Russian Baltic Amber are considered the best as the Russian Baltic amber has its own unique characteristics and healing effects.

Let us first discuss why Baltic Amber is the best type of amber and how the Russian Baltic amber is superior to other forms of Amber. Once we discuss this, we will be glancing through the 15 amazing benefits of wearing teething amber necklaces.

Baltic Amber – The Best Amber in the World

Baltic amber is the amber that comes from regions around the Baltic Sea in Europe. This is the only type of amber that is highly used in healing. Remember that Russian Amber is also Baltic amber. Containing significant amount of succinite, it acts as a great healing element and thus is considered the best type of amber around the world.

It’s a delightful fact that using this amber during teething helps your child get quick relief from pain in just fifteen or twenty minutes. Once your baby starts wearing the teething amber necklace, the amber receives warmth and the body of your baby starts absorbing the main substance – succinite.

It helps your child get relief from mouth joint pain and gum soreness that are often observed during teething. Many of the users of this amber have reported positive results in ailments like fibromyalgia, strain injuries, migraine, stress, etc.

Significant Facts about Baltic Amber:

Let us now take a look at some important facts of Baltic amber.

  • Baltic amber is a strong body healer.
  • It contains rich amounts of succinic acid which is a great pain reliever.
  • Baltic amber absorbs pain from your body and helps you feel relaxed.
  • It emits good energy and helps you feel happy.
  • Acting as a wonderful ground crystal, the Baltic amber transforms energy into positive energy.
  • It provides healing warmth to your body.
  • It pulls out negative energy.
  • It helps cleanse your body.
  • It provides a self-healing power to the body.
  • It fills the wearer’s body with liveliness and pulls out ailments through it amazing healing powers.
  • It helps you get rid of tension and anxiety.
  • It provides positive healing benefits to many ailments related to liver, stomach, throat, teeth and skin.
  • It acts as a wonderful natural antibiotic and contains superb analgesic properties.
  • It contains inflammatory properties also.
  • If you feel emotionally broken, you may take help of Baltic amber as it calms you down emotionally too.
  • It helps in healing physical and mental wounds.

How is Russian Baltic Amber Superior to the other forms of Amber?

  • The one word answer for this question is that Russian Amber contains rich amount of succinite. So what is succinite? Well, it is a substance that originates in nature and our bodies as well. But remember that in our bodies, this substance is present in very small amount.

  • The importance of succinite can be understood by the sheer fact that it acts as a pain-reliever and also as an anti-inflammatory. Today, this substance is chemically produced by many medical industries around the world. The pain relieving ability of this substance is quite valuable for the whole mankind and hence, it is used in various forms of medicines.
  • Now that when you know that succinite is such an important substance, it is easier for you to understand the value of Russian amber which contains high concentrations of the same. Because of this simple reason, Russian amber is often used in pain relieving therapies.

  • Another important fact about Russian amber is that it is believed to enhance your immune system. It is in use all over the world since generations. One of the popular theories say that when Russian amber comes in contact with a child’ body, the succinic acid is produced from the gums because of the heat of child’s body. Once this acid is released, the child starts getting quick relief from pain that is produced during the teething process.

  • Russian amber helps your child to get rid of stress that occurs during teething and calms down your child. The natural analgesic properties of Russian amber provide relief from pain too by producing succinic acid and by easing the muscles. It also provides relief from swelling and inflammation. Moreover, the Russian amber is considered to be a rich anti-oxidant too.

15 Benefits of Teething Amber Necklaces

And now finally, it’s time to discuss the amazing advantages of Teething Amber Necklace!

  1. Release of healing Oils – When Russian Baltic amber comes in contact with the skin, the warmth of skin releases healing oils. These healing oils are actually the succinic acid. The same are soaked up by the skin. Due to this process, the child gets rid of teething pain in 15-20 minutes.
  2. Relaxation from sore gums – Teething Russian Baltic Amber necklaces have anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the sore gums of your teething baby.
  3. Helps absorb pain – Having natural analgesic properties, these necklaces help your child get rid of pain.
  4. Balancing acids – The necklaces also help in achieving the right balance of acids in body.
  5. Removes stress & negative energy – These necklaces counterbalance the negative energies and help get rid of stress too.
  6. Stimulate Glands – The teething amber necklaces have the capability of stimulating the thyroid glands thus resulting in reduced drooling.
  7. Improves recovery – The necklaces provide self-healing powers to body thus speeding up the procedure of revival and healing.
  8. Enhance immune system – The necklaces are also helpful in enhancing the immune system of our body.
  9. Provide warmth – These necklaces provide a nice warmth to your body and help you feel good and relaxed.
  10. Have anti-inflammatory properties – Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, the teething amber necklaces are also used several types of therapies and medications.
  11. Trusted for healing since years– The use of amber for healing is not new; rather it is in use since ages and there are enough evidences for the same.
  12. Make your baby look even more attractive – It is also a worth-mentioning fact that these beautiful amber teething necklaces make your baby look even more cute.
  13. Can be worn up to 3 years of age – The amber teething necklaces can be worn from the age of 2 months up to the age of 3 years. Your child gets used to these necklaces with time starts enjoying the benefits as soon as the necklace is introduced to him/her.
  14. Reduces & almost removes teething symptoms – These necklaces are extremely helpful in reducing the teething symptoms in your child and in almost removing those symptoms.
  15. Provides healing in various ailments – Apart from teething, the amber necklaces are used to combat various ailments related to skin, eyes, thyroid, respirations, etc.

Safety Precautions

Teething necklaces bought from authentic sources like AyanaWellness are completely safe to use. However, always remember that the one who is actually going to use this necklace is none other than your precious child and that’s why we decided to jot down safety precautions for the complete safety of your little one.

  • Do not leave your child alone when he/she is wearing the necklace. Supervise him/her.
  • It is better to remove the necklace when you think you cannot supervise your child. This holds correct even for a short time.
  • Regardless of night or day, take off the necklace when your child goes to sleep.
  • Do not let your child chew or mouth the necklace.
  • Clean the necklace gently everyday to avoid any harmful accumulations on it.
  • Make sure that the necklace is neither too tight or too lose when worn by your baby.

So buy a Russian Baltic Amber Teething Necklace today and help your child fight teething symptoms in an easy way!

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