Amazing Health and Skin Benefits of Mahua Oil

Mahua tree is generally found in the mixed deciduous forests of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other South Asian countries. This tree has been used as timber, fuel, organic manure, liquor, aphrodisiac and as an effective medication for a number of ailments. Mahua is an important source of natural hard fat that is extensively used in soap manufacture.

Health benefits of Mahua

Mahua has numerous curative properties and is used in the treatment of number of ailments.

Bleeding gums: Liquid extracted from the bark of Mahua tree mixed with water makes an excellent gargle that cures bleeding and spongy gums.

Tonsillitis: Gargling with Mahua bark extract mixed with water is most effective in treating acute and chronic tonsillitis and pharyngitis.

Bronchitis: Mahua is an effective cure for coughs and bronchitis. It also arrests the secretion of catarrh and phlegm from the bronchial tubes. It also provides a soothing effect to the inflamed mucous membrane.

Rheumatism: Oil applied topically on the affected area helps in the treatment of rheumatism.

Diabetes: Those suffering from diabetes mellitus find relief by consuming a decoction of Mahua tree bark.

Constipation: Mahua oil extracted from the seeds of its flower possess laxative properties. Using it prevents chronic constipation.

Orchitis: Orchitis or inflammation of testicles is a painful condition. Subjecting the testicles to the vapor produced by boiling Mahua leaves relieves pain and inflammation.

Breast milk secretion: Consuming the flowers and seeds of the Mahua tree help nursing mothers increase the flow of milk.

Aphrodisiac: Those suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence may find a new-found virility by consuming a concoction of boiled flowers.

Other health benefits: Mahua products also help alleviate the symptoms of eye ailments, asthma, blood disorders, tuberculosis, respiratory disorders, neurotic disorders, ulcers, joint and muscle pain, parasitical worm infestation and certain other ailments.

Skin benefits of Mahua

Itchy and inflamed skin: Those suffering from itchy skin or skin inflammation can find instant relief by topically applying a paste made out of bark of Mahua tree.

Burns and scalds: The ash of Mahua leaves turned into a paste by adding hydrogenated oil proves an excellent dressing for burns and scalds. It not only provides a cooling effect to the affected part but cures the burn quickly.

Skin diseases: Skin diseases, such as eczema, can be effectively treated by Mahua leaves smeared with warmed sesame oil and applied to the affected area with the help of a bandage. Mahua seed oil is also effective against other skin diseases.

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