Black Salt: What it is, how to use it, and why you need it now

Whether you’re enhancing a spiritual ritual or just trying to ward off bad vibes, Black Salt can help.

Black Salt may sound like an ingredient to put on your grocery list, but did you know that salts have been used for many things besides cooking for as long as history has been recorded? For centuries, people have been using salts in religious and spiritual rituals due to the fact that the element is symbolic of purity in many cultures (yes, there’s even some of it in Holy Water). You won’t be seasoning your salmon with this, but you will want to sprinkle some around your house – don’t worry, we’ll explain.

What is black salt?

There are actually three kinds of Black Salt – black lava salt, black Indian salt, and black ritual salt. The type we’re talking about (sometimes referred to as Witches Salt) isn’t made to be eaten, even though it’s made with charred herbs. So what’s the difference between these three products that sound so similar?

Black lava salt is really just sea salt mixed with activated charcoal – this type of salt usually comes from Hawaii or Cyprus and can be eaten with a variety of different foods. It has an earthy flavor and is usually used to finish off the meal at the end of cooking. Indian black salt, a volcanic rock salt, is also meant to be eaten and is loved by vegans. Due to its sulfur content, it has a flavor reminiscent of hard boiled eggs. It’s also known as kala namak.

Our Black Salt is used strictly ritually, and is not meant to be consumed. While kosher salt is often used in purification exercises, black salt is made to ward away negative and evil energy by absorbing it. It’s made from the scrapings of charred herbs, ash, and iron in the bottom of a cauldron. The salt picks up on any bad energy that you may have present, keeping it away from your body and your spirit. Spreading it around is a healthy, protective ritual. This practice is commonly used in Wiccan and Pagan communities, but it’s important to know that this is not “black magic,” it’s only meant to keep you out of harm’s way.

Where does it come from?

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitation “black salt” made with dye and other unnatural ingredients. Our black salt is handmade in the Kostroma region of Russia by proper monks in the Holy Trinity Monastery on Holy Thursday (the Thursday before Easter). The locally made salt is produced with great care and authenticity with absolutely no shortcuts taken.

What can I use it for?

There are many pagan and wiccan rituals associated with this potent black salt, and you can incorporate as many as you need to into your daily life in order to make your space far less negative. Here are some of the ways you can use our black salt:

-Keep it in a pouch under your pillow to avoid bad dreams

-Add some to your floor wash to rid your space of negative energy

-Sprinkle some in your doorways and near windows to keep unwanted feelings out of your house

-Add to bath water if you’re in a bad mood to help purge negative thoughts

-Keep some on your desk or even attached to your chair at work to ward off office gossip, politics, and bullies

-Douse different personal items associated with bad memories to help neutralize them

-Put it around your property to keep intruders out

-Keep it around to reverse the effects of Mercury being in retrograde

Tricks and tips for your salt

Because black salt absorbs bad energy, it can only be used once. Sweep it up from where you’ve sprinkled it and toss it out on a weekly basis. Some ways you can dispense of it are:

-You can write down a list of things you’re worried about and throw it into a fire along with your black salt to see them disappear. But don’t reuse the ashes for anything – just get rid of them!

-Send it away into a creek, river, or ocean

-Let the crystals fly in the wind (in a direction away from your home and work)

-Bury them underground in an area you don’t visit

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