Rose for Skin Brightening and Revitalization

William Shakespeare hit the nail on the head when he quoted in his play ‘Romeo and Juliet’, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” The heavenly fragrance of rose is certainly hard to resist and the perfume industry swears by it.

However, it is not only the fragrance, but the benefits of its essential oil for the skin that makes rose stand out from among other flowers. Its amazing beauty regime was recognized since the Roman times, when Cleopatra used rose extracts as a beauty aid.

The reason why rose essential oil is good for the skin is because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It soothes, tones, brightens, revitalizes and moisturizes the skin.

Skin benefits of Rose essential oil

Rose essential oil offers numerous benefits for the skin. Let’s see what they are:-

1. Tones the skin

Toning being the most crucial part of the skincare routine is often not delivered by other skincare products. However, rose essential oil with its pH balancing properties is able to do so, removing oils and dirt from your skin and brightening and revitalizing it during the process, as also preparing it for optimal hydration.

2. Hydrates the skin

Unlike regular toners that are believed to dry out the skin, pure rose essential oil provides natural and mild hydration by entering the pores and freshening up the skin. This results in improved skin texture.

3. Suitable for sensitive skin

Due to the mild nature of rose essential oil, it is perfectly suited for sensitive skins. Add to this its anti-inflammatory properties and it acts as a balm for soothing skin redness and irritation. Being natural, it has no side effects too.

4. Slows aging

The antioxidant properties of rose essential oil neutralizes the free radicals responsible for premature aging of the skin. Free radicals are generated due to the exposure of the skin to harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and chemical pollutants.

5. Reduces puffiness

Puffiness under the eyes is a common occurrence. Applying cold rose water through cotton pads on puffiness makes it disappear within no time.

6. Curbs acne

By removing excess oil from your face, rose water discourages the growth of acne-causing bacteria. Its pH balancing properties also controls future outbreaks of acne.

7. Makes skin conditions less severe

Skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis wreak havoc on the skin. Applying rose essential oil to the affected areas helps soothe the irritation and reduce aggravation.

Ayana’s Almond Rose Handmade Soap

Ayana Wellness brings you Almond Rose Handmade Soap that contains the goodness of pure rose essential oil, as also of a host of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that are particularly beneficial for the skin.

Rose essential oil, together with other soap ingredients, moisturizes dry skin, treats acne, reduces redness and soothes skin inflammation.

It also helps in refining skin texture and controlling skin conditions.

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Rose essential oil has numerous benefits for the skin. It softens the skin, brightens it, revitalizes it and gives it a natural, healthy radiance. Using Ayana’s Almond Rose Handmade Soap bestows all the benefits of this amazing pure essential oil.

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