Slovenian Bentonite Clay – Why It Is Considered The Best

It may be difficult to point out Slovenia on the map. This small country in Central Europe, with an area of 7,827 square miles (20,273 square kilometers), is surrounded by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, with a small part opening towards the Adriatic Sea.

Although the country has had a tumultuous history, it is today famous for its mountains, ski resorts, lakes and popular cities. What this country is also famous for is the Slovenian Bentonite clay.

What is Bentonite clay?

For the uninitiated, Bentonite clay is a therapeutic clay that is immensely beneficial for the skin and body. It is formed by volcanic action and is mined after the volcanic ash has been subjected to weathering.

Bentonite clay is chock full of important minerals, such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, silica and sodium. It also possesses a strong negative electromagnetic charge. When this clay is turned into a paste by adding water and applied to the skin or ingested, it helps in removing impurities, toxins, chemicals and heavy metals from the skin and body.

Why is Slovenian Bentonite clay special?

Bentonite clay found in Slovenia is a class apart. This gray-colored clay had been prized since the times of the Romans for its natural healing properties. This clay is extensively used in Slovenia’s natural health resorts that uses it in Fango compresses, healing mud, mineral peloids and peat.

So, what makes this clay so special? This clay, excavated from deep layers, possesses an abundance of silica to make it special.

And it is not only the silica makes it more effective, but also its method of preparation. Unlike other therapeutic clays that are furnace dried, Slovenian Bentonite clay is totally sun dried. The products that use this clay are also all handmade.

Healing effects of Slovenian Bentonite clay

There are a host of benefits that are obtained from Slovenian Bentonite clay. Let’s see what they are:

Cosmetician applying beauty mask

● Removes toxins that bombard the body and the skin through air and water pollution. Although the body has a natural mechanism of ridding itself of these toxins, but due to bodily problems these toxins fail to pass through the stools and get reabsorbed in the bloodstream. This puts an additional strain on the organs in getting rid of these toxins, thereby giving rise to all kinds of ailments. The intense negative electrical charge possessed by this clay helps in absorbing the positively charged toxins.

● Inhibits the propagation of Candida, a fungal disease, that causes a host of problems, such as exhaustion, hormonal imbalance, joint pain, gas, bloating, loss of sex drive and others. Slovenian Bentonite clay kills off this fungus by blocking its respiration.

● Slovenian Bentonite clay combines with heavy metals and prevent them from harming the body.

● This clay has been found immensely beneficial for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

● Slovenian Bentonite clay is recommended for pregnant women for a healthy baby, since this clay contains an abundance of beneficial trace minerals.


Slovenian Bentonite clay, in its purest form, is regarded the best therapeutic clay that prevents or cures a host of diseases and ailments.

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