Water Charging and Purification with Crystals

Charging and purifying water with crystals and consuming it is an excellent way to charge your body and rid it of various ailments. And it is not only the drinking water that can be charged in this way, you can also infuse positivity in the water used for cooking, bathing, and for pets and plants.

Can all crystals be used to charge and purify water?

All Energy Healing Crystals are not suitable for charging and purifying water. Knowing which ones are important. Crystals not suitable may dissolve in water and make it toxic. This can prove a health hazard. You will need to check every potential crystal or stone to find out whether it is safe to be put in water for charging and purifying or not.

On the contrary, there are a lot many Crystal Therapy Benefits that are absolutely safe for charging and purifying water. What’s more, the use of different kinds of such crystals can infuse different kinds of energies in the water.

How to choose safe crystals?

The suitability of a crystal for charging and purifying water rests on its chemical composition. It may contain certain chemical elements that are harmful to the human body.

The common toxic impurities found in certain crystals include copper, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, sulfur and others.

For example, Malachite contains an excess of copper that causes fatigue, exhaustion, depression and paranoia.

Mohawkite is another dangerous crystal since it not only contains copper, but also arsenic. Cinnabar is again a big no-no since it contains mercury.

Crystals that contain iron, such as hematite, magnetite, etc., are also not suitable since they can oxidize and rust in water. It is best to take the advice of a crystal expert for selecting the crystals for the purpose.

How to charge and purify water using crystals?

Once you have chosen a suitable crystal for charging and purifying water, ensure it is intact, without any cracks or impurities. Now take the following steps:

Clean the crystal: Rinse the crystal under running water for two to three minutes. This will help clean both the surface dust and the accumulated ‘energy dust’ that has settled inside.

Charge the crystal: Only a charged crystal can charge and purify water. So, charge your crystal, either by holding it in your hand and using your own energy or keep it in sunlight for several hours to allow the sun’s energy to charge it.

Charging the water: Once the Energy Healing Crystal is charged, place it inside a glass container filled with drinking water. In case you feel that the crystal is not adequately clean, don’t put it in the water, but place it alongside the container. This is as good as placing it in water. Now, cover the container with a plastic wrap to prevent dust and other debris from falling inside and place it where it will remain undisturbed. Keep it overnight. The water will get strongly charged and ready for drinking.

Where to get the best crystals?

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