Genuine Undrilled Rose Quartz Ben Wa Balls


  • A SAFE & ORGANIC CHOICE FOR YOU – Feel the unconditional and 100% natural love of our genuine rose quartz kegel balls. Unlike any ordinary glass or metal kegel exerciser, ours offer you the added benefit of chakra healing powers while providing pelvic floor exercise and vaginal tightening.
  • REMOVE WITH STRING EASILY – Wondering how it works out? Simply insert the sanitized kegel exercisers and leave the string out. It’s an easy, hassle-free, and completely safe method. Our Ben Wa balls are securely attached to an unwaxed nylon string that runs up to five yards!
  • GET THE MOST FROM OUR FREE E-BOOK – We have included a free kegel ball E-Guide which you can claim with a message after your purchase. The E-Book contains a comprehensive guide, complete benefits, and a vast amount of exercises for your ultimate experience. Don’t miss out on anything!
  • GIFT IT TO YOUR PARTNER – Our ben wa balls for feminine health is a perfect gift item for your partner. They come with a stylish but discreet Ayana Wellness black pouch ready to be gifted.
  • PURCHASE WITH 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – We value the trust of our customers and offer a complete money-back guarantee for 100% satisfaction. Buy our pelvic floor trainer with confidence and feel free to contact us with any queries regarding our kegel exercise products.


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Ayana Wellness Natural Undrilled Rose Quartz Balls!

What are Ben –Wa Balls Used for?

  • Tightened and toned muscles of pelvic region
  • Improved sex life and better orgasm
  • Controlling urinal inconsistency
  • Enhanced bladder control


As opposed to Metal, Silicone, Glass or other Stone Ben Wa Balls, Our Kegel Exercisers are made of Genuine Rose Quartz which adds a plethora of additional benefits to your inner self.

  • Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love, emotional strength and self-confidence and will provide healing and nurture for your love muscles – both the pelvic area and the heart.
  • The gemstone will work with the Sacral and Heart Chakras to bring love and the female goddess into your life.


  • One pair of Kegel balls made of genuine rose quartz gemstone, large size (30mm, 1.2 inch diameter), about 36 grams (1.27 oz) for each ball, and 72 grams (2.54 oz) combined weight, non-drilled, very easy to clean.
  • Descriptive user guide with history of Ben Wa Balls, Excersizes, Cleaning Instructions and other Safety Tips and Techniques
  • A beautiful black jewelry pouch for use as discreet package.

Why undrilled balls (No String)?
You may be thinking that you may have a hard time removing the balls with out the string. Actually this is not the case, traditional kegel balls are always undrilled. The natural weight of the balls allows for easy removal with the simple aid of gravity. You will find the exact instructions in the free Ebook guide that is included with the product.

Undrilled Ben Wa Kegel Balls are also much easier to clean and are much less likely to chip.

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