Ayana Monthly Crystal Subscription Box


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What Is Ayana Monthly Crystal Subscription Box?

Ayana Crystal Support is a monthly healing crystal subscription service that delivers choice crystals from Mother Earth’s hands to yours. Each month, you will receive a beautiful piece of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind crystal jewelry that will help you harness the power of raw crystal energy.

We choose crystals based on your personal profile and expectations for crystal healing and manifestations. Just take our quick Ayana Crystal Synergy Quiz and our Crystal Experts will create a personalised crystal plan to support you on your journey.


How It Works

Take a Crystal Synergy Quiz

Ayana Crystal Synergy Quiz will help you think about what kind of transformations are possible with crystal healing.

We custom craft your crystal journey 

 Our crystal experts will use your answers to select one stone each month that will most benefit your life in the month ahead, taking into account current events, astrology, and other universal factors.

Prepare for Positive Things

We’ll ship your crystal jewelry on the 1st of every month for as long as your plan is active. With no guesswork and no effort, you can immediately start using your crystal to change your life. 

Shift. Charge. Repeat

Change takes time, but rest assured it’s coming. Once you feel a shift, log into your account to take a new Crystal Synergy Quiz with your new perspectives. Our crystal experts will recalibrate your crystal plan to keep your healing process thriving.


Taken the Quiz already?

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What Can Monthly Crystals Do for Me?

Healing crystals are found throughout nature and each offers unique healing benefits. All you have to do is know how to harness their energy. Our monthly crystal subscription box takes the guesswork out of choosing and using healing crystals to cultivate a life of health, wealth, and love.

Ayana Crystal Support Monthly: "Let the Healing Come to You"


What Makes Us Different?



stylish and compact

premium quality

secure payment

refund warrenty

easy to carry 

satisfaction guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our monthly crystal subscription box? Just ask our crystal experts!

Recharge and Renew with a Monthly Crystal Subscription Box!

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