The Top 3 Crystals for Clearing Negative Energies & Strengthening Your Shield

Today we are going to explore how we can use crystals for purification and protection against negative energies. As energetic beings, we naturally conduct the energy of our environment and the people around us. Collecting lower-frequency energies can result in us feeling lethargic, anxious, and unwell.

Crystals are excellent energetic protection tools. They were formed over immense periods of time and with enormous pressure, and they contain the energetic intelligence of Mother Gaia. Gemstones emit frequencies that can shield, cleanse, and protect our own energy fields. Let’s look at a powerful yet simple two-step plan that you can implement today to start harnessing the awesome power of crystals for protection and purification.

Step One: Purification

Before shielding yourself, it is important to purify any negative or unwanted energy you have already accumulated. The best crystal to use for purification is selenite. It is a self-cleansing crystal because its energies are of such a high vibration that lower frequencies cannot attach to it. Selenite is the best stone for raising your own vibrational frequency. When your vibration is kept high, negative energy cannot influence you because it cannot lock onto your own frequency.

Female hand, holding a selenite necklace

Wear a piece of selenite jewelry for as long as you intuitively feel is necessary. You may feel your energy levels increasing, or a sense of lightness and joy. Meditating while wearing your selenite jewelry and visualizing its purifying white light surrounding you and cleansing your aura will help to speed up the process.

Step Two: Protection

Once you feel you have sufficiently cleansed your auric field, you can wear protective crystals to shield yourself from accumulating more negative energies. These may come from electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) that is emitted from electronics, from other people’s energy, from locations where bad things have happened, or even from yourself. Our top two protective crystals are Black Tourmaline and Obsidian.

Black Tourmaline is a powerful negative energy repellent. It can deflect unwanted energy from other people and protect you from electromagnetic radiation. Black tourmaline helps to balance emotions, boost vitality, release tension, and diminish fear. It is an excellent stone to have with you at work or home where you are exposed to EMFs, and when you are in situations that include crowds of people.

A pair of black tourmaline earrings with gold-plated settings

Obsidian is volcanic glass and is a great crystal for guarding against your own eruptive thoughts and emotions. It can help you to see the bigger picture and not get bogged down in the stressful minute details. Obsidian can form an energetic shield of protection around you, blocking psychic attacks.

Additionally, obsidian helps to release past traumas and clear emotional blockages that may be causing negative energy from within. It also boosts inner strength, resilience, and compassion. Wear it when you feel overwhelmed or stressed, and when you will be in contact with people who trigger trauma and anxiety within you. This is a great crystal to protect yourself from energy vampires too. Obsidian Stone

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to using crystals for purification and protection. You can shop our range of protective crystals here. 

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