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At Ayana crystals we help people harness the raw, natural energy of crystals. Ayana crystals are the most authentic, untreated and unadulterated healing crystals from across the globe.


With Ayana you can be 100% confident that our crystals are of the highest quality. We certify them.



Quality Certification Checklist

An Ayana Crystal Certification ensures the named crystal has satisfied our 10 point accreditation test. Our standards are comprehensive, formalized and strictly adhered to.

1. Authenticity

We know where on the Earth every one of crystals originates from. Ayana Crystals must be sourced from genuine crystal seams and mines. We include this information with every crystal we ship.

2. Ethics

We ensure all of our crystal sourcing is ethical and sustainable. We source from only the most trusted and reliable primary crystal suppliers on each continent.

3. Purity

All Ayana crystals must be 100% untreated and unadulterated. This ensures complete natural energy and power.

4. Character

We assess the unique character of each crystal, looking for the discernible traits of energy and vibration that distinguish powerful healing crystals from treated, adulterated or otherwise substandard stones.

5. Color

Color must be correct for the healing crystal or gemstone type. We insist on only the truest colors for Ayana Crystals. Weak, muddied or incorrect color ranges and temperatures for the crystal types are rejected.

6. Clarity

Clarity is measured depending on the type of healing crystal or gemstone type. To be certified by Ayana, crystals must be optimal for their particular range. Some must be clear and internally flawless, others must be rich and saturated.

7. Consistency

When there is more than one piece crystal in an piece (for example earings and some necklaces) we ensure consistency in the appearance, size and form of all crystal pieces, ensure balanced energy and aesthetics.

8. Balance

At Ayana we assess crystals and gemstones for their balance and symmetry. We select for crystals that look and feel centred. These crystals are not only visually more attractive they also display a more complete character and candescence.

9. Cleanliness

All Ayana Crystals must have zero evidence of dye, kerosene, irradiation or other toxic treatments and enhancements (often found in inferior crystals from poor quality suppliers). These treatments are not only damaging to the crystal, they are completely at odds with both the Ayana Crystals philosophy and crystal healing fundamentals.

10. Candescence

Candescence describes how a crystal or gemstone shines and/or emits light. Candescence is more complex than brightness or clarity. In the world of healing crystals it constitutes the over-all energy that is seen and felt. Candescence reflects the inherent inner purity and power of the crystal. All Ayana crystals must display a strong, discernible candescence.


Raw, Natural Beauty & Power


Why Crystal Certification Matters

People that use inferior crystals and gemstones for healing are very often disappointed. Poor quality or adulterated crystals simply cannot produce the powerful energy and vibrations exhibited by pure, natural stones. That’s why at Ayana we simply won’t consider poor quality crystals, no matter how visually ‘enhanced’ they might be. These toxic treatments render most crystals therapeutically useless.



Transforming raw Ayana crystals into pendants and other adornments

After sourcing, raw Ayana crystals are carefully sorted and where necessary, polished. We polish only enough to bring out the crystals natural colour and candescence, but never so much to affect vibrations and energy flow.

Our crystal jewellers then match crystals with high quality, low irritant clasps and cords before expertly transforming them into a complete, powerful pieces. Great skill and experience is required to achieve this transformation without impacting the crystals inherent energy flows.

The quality of this work can be seen in the beautify balanced finished pieces that make up the Ayana collection.

buy authentic healing stone and crystal gemstone jewelry -Ayana Crystals
buy authentic healing stone and crystal gemstone jewelry -Ayana Crystals
Crystal satisfies

An Ayana certificate of authenticity ensures your Crystal satisfies the rigorous quality standards of Ayana.

Ayana Crystals.
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