Crystal Charged Water: A Simple Way to Raise Your Vibration


Water, as we already know, is essential for life, since it is needed for bodily functions, such as digestion, circulation, maintenance of body temperature, excretion of waste products and suchlike functions. We can survive without food for about 21 days, but without water, no more than a week. Water consumed in less quantity makes your skin look dull and dry. It may even lead to dehydration. However, this is the physical aspect of ordinary drinking water.

What is charged water?

Charged water is something truly amazing since its consumption offers some great benefits. If you are wondering what charged water is, it is pure drinking water that is infused with the energy of a crystal. Water so charged not only quenches thirst but also imbues the natural healing properties of the crystal, thereby raising your vibration. To create crystal charged water, your first step is to find a suitable crystal that provides all the benefits you desire.

Which Energy Healing Crystals are suitable for charging water?

You will need to be cautious regarding crystals, for not all are safe for putting in your drinking water. Many of them are toxic, suffused with elements like iron, aluminum, copper, mercury, arsenic and many more, which are either outrightly harmful or harmful when taken in excess. So, the best way to select a safe Crystal Healing Therapy is to take the advice from a crystal expert.

The following crystals have proven most beneficial in charging water:

Citrine: This crystal not only raises vibrations but also attracts abundance.

Clear Quartz: It infuses crystalline energy into bloodstream, raising your vibration and ensuring your well-being.

Herkimer Diamonds: In addition to raising your vibration, it also provides clarity and illumination.

Kyanite: This high vibrational stone heightens psychic abilities and opens divine communication channels.

Red Jasper: This grounding Chakra Meditation Stones enhances spirituality.

Rose Quartz: This crystal infuses love since it is a stone of unconditional love.

Selenite: It has a high vibration and works to eliminate lower vibrations and negativity. Since this crystal dissolves in water, it should never be put inside the water, but kept around the vessel.

Shungite: It not only purifies water but also dispels negativity.

Turquoise: It infuses the divine vibrations of Healing Crystal Set for Love and helps attain a higher spiritual state.

How to charge the water?

Once you procure a suitable crystal, you will need to charge it. This can either be done through your own energy by holding it in your hand or by keeping it under direct sunlight. Remember, only a charged crystal is capable of effectively charging your water.

Following are the steps for water charging:-

.Remove dirt and other particles from the surface of the crystal by rinsing it under running water for a few minutes.

.Fill a glass bowl with pure drinking water and add the crystal to it.

.Leave the water overnight to enable the crystal to fully charge the water.

.Drinking this charged water will not only raise your vibration but will also promote your overall well-being.

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