Red Carnelian PendantRed Carnelian Pendant

Red Carnelian Pendant

10 reviews
Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pendant - Ayana CrystalsLapis Lazuli Crystal Pendant - Ayana Crystals

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pendant

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White Howlite Hexagon Pendant - Ayana CrystalsWhite Howlite Hexagon Pendant - Ayana Crystals

White Howlite Hexagon Pendant

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Beneath the grounded facade of a Virgo lies a vibrant spirit yearning for self-expression. Awaken your inner sparkle with Ayana Crystals' Virgo Collection, igniting analytical minds, manifesting dreams, and radiating grounded confidence.

Gemstone Harmony for the Earthly Virgo.

Citrine: The "Stone of Abundance" attracts prosperity and fuels excellence. Amazonite: The "Stone of Courage" bolsters confidence and fosters open communication. Howlite: The "Stone of Patience" soothes anxieties and guides with calm resolve.

Dazzling Designs for Every Expression.

  • Citrine Ring: Channel solar energy and manifest abundance with its radiant glow.
  • Red Carnelian Pendant: Amplifies creativity and confidence, encouraging artistic expression.
  • Sodalite Pendant: Tumbled pendant that soothes anxieties and enhances communication.

Empowering Your Virgo Traits.

  • Sharpen Your Focus: Citrine and Amazonite enhance analytical clarity for intricate tasks.
  • Embrace Manifestation: Attract success with Citrine and Moss Agate's vibrant energy.
  • Nurture Grounded Confidence: Red Jasper and Howlite bolster spirit and confidence. Communicate with Clarity: Sodalite and Red Carnelian empower honest expression.

Ayana Crystals: Your Guide on the Zodiacal Path.

Explore our comprehensive collection, discover insightful gemstone meanings, and find the perfect piece to resonate with your Virgo essence. Our friendly team is always happy to offer personalized recommendations and guidance. We also offer a monthly crystal subscription box curated specifically for your Virgo energy, brimming with surprises to fuel your creative fire.
Enjoy swift delivery and easy ordering! We make it simple to bring the magic of Ayana Crystals to your doorstep.