Black Onyx Handmade Macrame Pendant Necklace for Women


Origin: India

Embrace the protective essence of our Black Onyx Handmade Macrame Pendant Necklace for Women, featuring an ethically sourced Black Onyx known for its shield-like properties against negativity. This gemstone offers strength and stress relief, enhancing resilience and fostering a sense of inner peace during challenging times. Each Black Onyx pendant is meticulously hand-selected for its vibrancy and purity, encased in a minimalist setting that highlights its deep, enigmatic beauty. This necklace combines traditional elegance with contemporary style, crafted from eco-friendly materials to ensure sustainability and ethical responsibility. Its versatile and adjustable macrame cord provides a custom fit, making it perfect for any occasion, from spiritual gatherings to casual outings. Packaged in a chic storage pouch, it stands as a testament to quality and dedication, ensuring satisfaction with every piece.

*As natural variations occur in Black Onyx, each pendant may slightly differ, ensuring your necklace is uniquely yours