Ayana Crystals

Ayana Chakra Pendant Necklace


 Origin: India

Introducing the Ayana Chakra Pendant Necklace, a beautiful piece of jewelry that is so much more than just a fashion accessory. This necklace features seven authentic gemstones, each hand-cut and chosen to represent one of the seven chakras. By wearing this necklace, you can balance and align your chakras, allowing the kundalini energy to flow through and restore your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Restore inner balance, release blocked kundalini energy and let your chakras be aligned with the natural order of the universe itself. Our gemstone chakra pendant is ideal for practitioners of yoga, meditation, natural healing, Reiki & energy work, esoteric practice or anyone who appreciates the artistic & creative expression of Buddhist and Hindu artwork.

The pendant comes with an adjustable 18-22 inch cord, made from high quality vegan materials. It also comes with a premium Ayana storage pouch.