Triple Crystal Macrame Armlet for Women | White Onyx, Red Jasper, Grey Jasper


Origin: India

Discover the harmonious blend of energies with our Triple Crystal Macrame Armlet, a symphony of balance, strength, and protection. This exquisite piece features ethically sourced White Onyx, Red Jasper, and Grey Jasper, each stone contributing its unique qualities. White Onyx grounds and protects, Red Jasper invigorates and empowers with vitality, and Grey Jasper offers tranquility and healing. Each armlet is handcrafted from high-quality cotton cord, ensuring durability and comfort while embracing eco-friendly and sustainable jewelry-making practices. Celebrate the unmatched beauty of handcrafted, nature-inspired designs with this piece. The adjustable macrame design ensures a perfect fit, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe, ideal for any occasion, from casual outings to more formal events. Packaged in an elegant pouch, our Triple Crystal Armlet stands as a tribute to traditional craftsmanship, ethical sourcing, and the beauty of natural materials.

*Please note that as each stone is natural, variations in color and pattern may occur, enhancing the unique beauty of each armlet.