Black Tourmaline Point Pendant


Origin: India 

Presenting the Black Tourmaline Point Pendant from Ayana, a splendid piece that's more than just an elegant adornment. This pendant is a powerful talisman, known for repelling negative energy and fostering positivity. Black Tourmaline, renowned as a purifying stone, aids in cleansing and shielding your aura from unwanted energy. It also has a reputation for easing stress, anxiety, and depression, promoting a sense of tranquility and serenity.

Place this pendant close to your heart to invite guidance and direction into your life. The high-quality cord is adjustable between 18-22 inches, making it an ideal fit for solo wear or layering with other necklaces. This pendant also includes a premium Ayana storage pouch for safeguarding when not in use.

Whether you're a beginner seeking to explore the world of crystals or are searching for healing stones and crystals to ease anxiety, the Ayana Black Tourmaline Point Pendant is a perfect choice. Embrace the power of this protective crystal and let it guide your journey.

* As a natural stone, the colors and cut may vary slightly from crystal to crystal, making each one utterly unique.