Bloodstone Tumbled Pendant


Origin: India

Introducing the Bloodstone Tumbled Pendant, a powerful talisman known for its protective and grounding properties. Bloodstone, also known as a potent protection stone, is revered for its ability to ward off negative energies such as electromagnetic and geopathic stress.

Moreover, bloodstone is associated with promoting healthy blood function and supports organs vital for this purpose, including the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, intestines, and bladder. Besides its health benefits, bloodstone stimulates action, encourages decision-making, and instills courage, making it an ideal crystal for those embarking on new ventures or facing challenging situations.

This beautiful pendant is crafted from natural bloodstone and comes with an adjustable, durable, vegan cord measuring 18-22 inches long. This ensures a comfortable fit and allows you to keep your pendant close to your heart.

For safekeeping when not in use, the pendant also comes with a premium Ayana storage pouch. Whether you're a beginner in crystal healing or someone who turns to crystals for anxiety relief, this Bloodstone Tumbled Pendant is a must-have addition to your collection.

* As a natural stone, the colors and cut may vary slightly from crystal to crystal, making each one utterly unique.