Crystal Charged Glass Water Bottle


Elevate your hydration routine with the Crystal Charged Glass Water Bottle from Ayana. This unique bottle allows you to infuse your water with the nurturing and nourishing energies of gemstones. Simply remove the crystal pod from the bottle and fill it with your favorite gemstones to create gem water that is activated through their healing vibrations.

With the Crystal Charged Glass Water Bottle, the stones never touch the water, ensuring that you can enjoy pure and divine refreshment with every sip. The bottle also comes with a mesh infuser, allowing you to brew hot teas and herbal remedies or create cold fruit and refreshing herbal infusions.

Crafted from handblown BPA-free borosilicate glass, this bottle is both beautiful and functional. It is thermal shock resistant, meaning it won't crack under extreme temperature changes, making it safe to pour boiling hot water for steeping tea. The bottle is also nature-friendly and recyclable, minimizing pollution and plastic waste.

Each purchase of the Gem Water Infusion Bottle includes two sets of gemstones: Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz. Black Tourmaline is revered as a talisman of protection and grounding, while Clear Quartz opens the mind and heart to higher guidance and enhances awareness and clarity.

To ensure the bottle's safety and convenience, it comes with a protective travel sleeve that acts as a thermal insulator to keep hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold.

Experience the power of crystal-charged water with the Ayana Crystal Charged Glass Water Bottle.