Labradorite Wire Wrapped Pendant

Origin: Mexico

Experience the captivating allure of Labradorite with the Labradorite Wire Wrapped Pendant. This exquisite gemstone is a gateway to self-discovery and profound cosmic connections. As a birthstone for Leos and Scorpios, Labradorite resonates with the third eye chakra, making it an ideal companion for those navigating an existential crisis or seeking to enhance confidence and clarity in their lives. Each pendant features an authentic and distinctive Labradorite gemstone, skillfully wrapped in elegant bronze wire, making it suitable for Wiccan rituals and Reiki/Pranic healing practices. The pendant includes an adjustable 18-22 inch cord, crafted from high-quality vegan materials, ensuring both comfort and ethical standards. It also comes with a premium Ayana storage pouch, providing a safe haven for your pendant when not in use.

* As a natural stone, the colors and cut may vary slightly from crystal to crystal, making each one utterly unique.