Ayana Crystals

Obsidian Hexagon Pendant


Origin: India 

Looking for something to help you get in touch with your dark side? Check out our Hexagon Obsidian Pendant! Made from the finest quality obsidian, this pendant is a powerful talisman for protection and shielding. It helps identify your dark side so its healing properties can clear those aspects from your psyche. Rather than denying our inner truth, Obsidian shines a spotlight on negativity and clears it away, helping us to choose the path of light and love. Spiritual warriors need protection in the chaos of this world, and the strength of Obsidian is here to support you whenever you call on it. Presented as a beautiful pendant with an 18-22 inch long adjustable, durable, vegan cord. It comes with a premium storage pouch in which you can carefully keep your necklace to protect it when not in use.

* As a natural stone, the colors and cut may vary slightly from crystal to crystal, making each one utterly unique.