Orgonite Keychain - EMF Protection


Origin: India

Introducing the Orgonite Keychain - an essential tool for EMF protection and energetic balance. This keychain is specifically designed to counter the harmful effects of our electrical technological environments. Crafted with large, bi-ionized Black Tourmaline crystals, renowned for their strong protective properties, it forms a powerful shield against negative energies. To further enhance its effectiveness, the keychain is infused with Earth's attunement and Schumann Resonance Frequencies by a certified Reiki Master.

Our Black Tourmaline Crystal keychain features a generous size of 2" x 1.5" and is securely attached to a durable metal ring. Its primary purpose is to block and transmute negative energies, transforming them into positive frequencies. By carrying this keychain with you, you can experience the benefits of EMF protection, chakra alignment, and overall energetic harmony.