Oval Orgonite Pendant


Origin: India 

Introducing the Peach Aventurine Pendant, a magnificent crystal necklace that invites wealth and prosperity into your life. Known as the "stone of fortune," aventurine possesses potent energies to assist in manifesting your desires. This captivating peach aventurine necklace also offers emotional balance, soothing anxiety, and extreme emotions. It serves as a gentle reminder to stay grounded, ignite your creativity, and harmonize your sacral and solar plexus chakras. Prepare yourself for a transformative journey as you embrace the healing power of crystals with the exquisite Peach Aventurine Pendant! The pendant features an adjustable 18-22 inch cord, expertly crafted from high-quality vegan materials. Additionally, it comes with a premium Ayana storage pouch to ensure its safekeeping.

* As a natural stone, the colors and cut may vary slightly from crystal to crystal, making each one utterly unique.