5 Best Healing Crystals for Stress and Anxiety Relief

When the world seems stressful, incorporating yoga, meditation, all natural foods, and crystal healing into your life is always a good idea. While some of those activities may seem impossible to achieve during your normal day to day life, we’ve made it easy to carry your crystals and take their soothing, comforting powers with you wherever you go. We’ve taken the top stones for helping you cope with stress and anxiety and turned them into convenient and beautiful pieces of jewelry you can wear – anytime, anywhere.


rose quartz crystal jewelry

Rose Quartz

Often referred to as the heart stone or the crystal of unconditional love, rose quartz’s feminine qualities embody peace ?and peace as well as tenderness and comfort. Because of its healing energies, it’s often used in treating traumas and crises, even during mid-life conflicts to help bring a sense of stability. It’s also known to stimulate the imagination, bringing about inspiration for doing stress-reducing activities like writing, making art and listening to music. A wonderful sleep aid for adults and children alike, rose quartz prevents nightmares and other nighttime stressors while promoting pleasant dreams and sound sleep.



amethyst crystal jewelry

A natural tranquilizer, amethyst takes frantic, erratic energy and transforms it into calmer, more loving feelings. Amethyst is a great reliever of any stress or strain, making you less irritable and encouraging a generally more positive outlook on life. It’s the perfect stone to help balance mood swings, calm and stimulate the mind for healthier thoughts, and to improve focus so you can lead more productive and anxiety-free days. Its violet flame of healing vibrations help bring an understanding to some diseases and addiction-related issues.?


lepidolite crystal jewelry

Calm and balance is the name of the game with this gem. A variety of mica, lepidolite has a strong balancing and calming presence that will help you fully relax. Many times, this stone is used during times of transformation or transition, bringing hope during darker days. With lepidolite, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel – when using it, you can expect to feel more optimistic and embrace a more patient, loving disposition. Many emotional issues such as PTSD, depression, addiction, anger, and anxiety disorders can be treated with lepidolite’s gentle energy.

White Howlite

white howlite crystal jewelry

Expect to release old emotional baggage when you wear white howlite. Any upset state of mind can be lightened and lifted with this calming stone, and overly critical self doubt might just vanish. Whether you’re dealing with anger from within or from a loved one, colleague or other person in your life, white howlite can help ease quells and help you take things less personally. It’s also worth noting that you may experience a heightened sense of creativity, reducing your anxiety and opening up your world to brighter things.

Green Aventurine

green aventurine crystal jewelry

Soothe emotional wounds and move on with green aventurine. Any former annoyances and anger should dissipate – this happens because this stone can help you better understand issues behind illness, imbalance, depression, and defeat. Everyday stressors of moving through your routine will also be soothed, and nervousness about the past and future can subside. It’s also a source of lightness, optimism, joy, hope, and even humor, so you can float through life more happily.

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