The Healing Powers of Amethyst

amethyst crystal jewelry

Amethyst, the birthstone of the Pisces, is a violet colored crystal found in Australia, Mexico, Morocco, Brazil and Uruguay. This stone has a number of healing properties and can be worn as an amulet around the neck or placed under the pillow at night while sleeping.


Amethysts are violet in color but range from light to dark, depending on the amount of iron imbedded in the amethyst. A polished stone is best for an amulet while a nice piece of natural amethyst looks beautiful on a bookshelf or desk.


Geodes of amethysts can be found in most health food stores. Independently run bookstores may carry amethyst geodes as well. Two large pieces of amethyst geodes can be used as bookends. You may be able to find highly polished samples which make wonderful additions to any décor.


Amethysts are used to alleviate migraines or soothe the nervous system. Nervous headaches are soon gone after the sufferer has been around an amethyst. Concentration will also be improved and the ability to create will be enhanced. As purple is the color of creativity, a purple amethyst placed on your work area may greatly increase your productivity.


Magically, amethyst has been used to protect against theft, danger and a violent death. It is said that a person wearing an amethyst amulet will be safe from criminals and in battle. An amethyst given to a loved on will keep the relationship free from jealousy.


Amethysts are a soothing, relaxing crystal and aid in healing because they promote healthy sleep by ridding sufferers from nightmares. Amethysts have also been used by Buddhist monks to help them meditate. An amethyst will help promote a person’s confidence and give a person a better outlook on their life situation.


amethyst crystal jewelry

As an inflammatory agent, amethysts are used to alleviate swelling, facial acne and insect bites. Swelling of the sciatic nerve may particularly benefit from amethysts because it is a condition that is rarely soothed by traditional medications alone. As amethysts work on the nervous system, and as an anti-inflammatory, sciatic nerve pain is an excellent choice when considering amethysts and their healing power.


As with all healing crystals and gemstones, finding what works for your particular condition can be a long process. Using the amethyst as a way to heal from swelling, nightmares, or nervous conditions may speed the healing process and leave you feeling cool, calm and collected.


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