5 Powerful Ways to Display Personal Crystals

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Crystals can make a powerful addition to our home. When used in daily rituals, crystals can aid well-being and promote mental and physical health. Their natural beauty makes them attractive décor in any room, inviting positivity into the home. Personal crystals are those which have a significant meaning to you, such as birthstones, or those which you choose to bring into your life to attract qualities such as love and wealth. Here are some of the many ways you can incorporate personal crystals into your everyday life.


1. Jewellery

You can buy almost any stone in jewellery form, and there are thousands of craftspeople on internet marketplaces who specialise in crystals that adorn the wearer. Necklaces keep your chosen crystal close to your heart chakra, and are especially effective for crystals that attract and promote love, such as rose quartz. Rings and bangles are also effective carriers for crystals.


2. A centrepiece

Create a crystal centrepiece in your home by filling a shallow dish with water and placing it near the centre of the room, close to where guests would sit (a coffee table is ideal). Drop four or five complementary crystals into the water. The addition of floating candles to the centrepiece would serve as a mindful focus for meditation, with the added benefit of charging the crystals as they emit light. The water’s conducive properties ensure the crystals bring harmony to your home.


3. Windowsill

The beneficial properties of crystals are at their best when they are ‘charged’, or allowed to bathe in light. Place semi-opaque crystals on a bright windowsill and they will look beautiful when the light shines through. Crystals can charge by both sunlight and moonlight, with varying effects on their power, so be mindful of how you display them.


4. Handbag

Your crystals do not have to be on show to be effective. If you have a small personal crystal you wish to invoke in everyday life, placing it in a discreet pocket of your purse will allow easy access. Hold it whenever needed, and remember to take it out to charge now and then. Be mindful of the other objects you keep close to it – crystals that attract love will be dulled if kept next to a reminder of a sour relationship, for example. Similarly, if you keep a crystal to attract wealth next to your bank card, there is a greater chance for positive effect.


5. Among plants

Living plants in your home will already attract peace and well-being, and by pairing them with crystals the effects will be more powerful. Place crystals atop the soil of a plant pot, or keep them at the bottom of a water garden. Watch the plant for any side effects, and be mindful as always of which crystals you use. Pairing these natural elements well can bring a new lease of life to your home.


Use these tips to harness the power of personal crystals and aid your health and general well-being, as well as adding beauty and light to your living space. There are many more ways to use crystals in your everyday life, so do not be afraid to experiment!

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