5 Common Questions about Crystal Healing

Yes, you should have been doing this a long time ago!


Amethyst, quartz, and citrine sure are pretty to look at, but did you know they they’re so much more than eye candy? They can actually be used to make your life happier, healthier, and more balanced. Maybe you’ve heard of crystal healing, or maybe your hippie aunt used to swear by it – but chances are, there’s so many more benefits to trying it than you thought. Here are five of your questions answered to help you learn everything you need to know about the healing powers of crystal, and why you should start incorporating it into your life now.


1. What exactly is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine therapy that uses crystals and stones to draw negative energy out of the body. The crystals act as conduits that flow positive, healing energies as unwanted vibes exit. Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Mexicans, and Greeks all used precious gems for everything from healing kidney stones to incorporating into sacred burials – and now many people claim they can be used to live a more productive, conscious, and stress-free life.


2. What does crystal healing do?

Crystal healing therapy is a natural, holistic way to cure the body of various diseases and ailments, while protecting you against future aches and pains, such as headaches and stress-related illnesses. While there’s no research that scientifically backs it up, people have sworn by the crystals’ healing properties for centuries all over the world. Crystals can be placed on various parts of the body or swept along various areas to bring natural, pain-free relief.


3. What are the benefits of different stones?

Most fans of crystal healing claim it promotes relaxation, encourages creativity, wards off disease, and promotes overall wellness in general, but specific stones can heal a variety of different ailments. Every crystal has a unique internal structure that provides a certain set of benefits to both the user and the professional administering the therapy (if you’re using one). Rose quartz is great for healing heartbreak, fluorite encourages protection, hematite will help keep you grounded, jade promotes serenity, amethyst will help bring forth your spirituality, and citrine could make you feel more energetic…the list goes on.


4. Is it safe?

Unlike most traditional medical procedures that are done in a doctor’s office, there are no risks to using crystal for treating They’re safe, easy to carry, and beautiful to wear in different forms of jewelry. There’s virtually no risk of giving them a try, and if you go to a crystal healer, they’re often certified.



5. Who can use it, and how do I get started?

Anyone can use healing crystals – it’s even popular amongst celebrities like Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham, and Anne Hathaway. Crystal healing techniques are often incorporated into massage at health spas, during Reiki, and at New Age clinics. Never used them before? It’s a risk-free and low cost answer to many common aches, medical illnesses, and mental health issues. Check out our Wellness Healing Crystal Set to start improving your day to day life and reaping the benefits of these beautiful gems.

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