Amethyst – The ‘All Healing’ Crystal


If there is a crystal that soothes and stimulates the mind and emotions at the same time, it is the beautiful Amethyst. This semi-precious stone, termed ‘Gem of Fire’ by the ancients, was at times equated with diamond in value.


Basically, Amethyst is a variety of Quartz found commonly in all parts of the world. This healing crystal is produced when clear Quartz gets infused with manganese. The intensity of its purple color depends upon the amount of iron in the Quartz and its color may range from pale red-violet to deep violet.


Since time immemorial, Amethyst has not only been used for adoration by wearing it in pieces of jewelry, but also for its curative powers and healing benefits.


Healing benefits of Amethyst


There are a number of healing benefits of Amethyst. Let us see what they are:


#1 Anti-intoxicant

Amethyst was considered an anti-intoxicant by ancient Greeks and Romans, who made it a point to line their wine goblets with this stone to avoid getting intoxicated. The practice, in ancient times, of keeping this crystal on the navel to protect against intoxication still holds good. In addition, it also curbs overindulgence and helps in treating all kinds of addictions, including smoking, drinking and drug use.


#2 Broadens the mind

Use of Amethyst strengthens intuition and refines the thought process. It enhances intelligence, expands the mind and promotes creative thoughts. It is also thought to generate pleasant thoughts and keeps evil thoughts at bay. Little wonder this stone is also known as the Composer’s Stone,


#3 Protection

Travelers and soldiers make it a point to wear this crystal to protect themselves from assaults and treachery. It is also considered a powerful psychic stone to ward off evil created through witchcraft and black magic.


#4 ‘All healer’ stone

This crystal not only heals people, but animals and plants too. This is because it counters the negative energies of the surroundings that are having negative influence on all. For the stressed tending towards anxiety and depression, this crystal soothes and calms. It is an effective protection against diseases, especially against obsessive compulsive disorder. It relieves hyperactivity in children. It counters insomnia and produces pleasant dreams.


#5 Spiritual progress

Those on the spiritual path find Amethyst helpful in reaching the divine, as this crystal induces pious calm in the surroundings that helps in attaining mental peace and tranquility. It aids in reaching higher meditative states by stimulating the third eye and the crown chakras.


Amethyst in its purest form


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