Lepidolite, The Crystal With Multiple Benefits

If the word Lepidolite doesn’t sound familiar, maybe Lavender Stone or Lilac Stone may ring a bell. The latter two are the alternate names by which Lepidolite is also known. This translucent purple to pinkish-purple ‘stone of transition’ belongs to the Mica group.


The main source of this crystal are the mines in Brazil, Moravia and Africa, where it is found in scale-like plates and is named thus in Greek: ‘lepidos’ meaning ‘scale’ and ‘lithos’ meaning ‘stone’. Since its discovery in ancient times, this crystal has been extensively used for healing the body.


Benefits of Lepidolite

The powerful healing energy of Lepidolite is due to its close association with the heart, third eye and the crown chakras. Let us see what are the benefits of Lepidolite:


#1 Balances and calms

Regarded as the crystal of tranquility and acceptance, this crystal emanates a powerful relaxing and balancing energy that has a calming effect on the body and mind. This crystal is especially effective against all forms of stress and anxiety.


#2 Gives hope and positivity

If you are passing through a dark phase, this crystal provides hope and infuses positive thinking. It carries you safely through the turbulent phases of your life and helps you at every stage of this transition, till things turn for the better.


#3 Enhances self-worth

If you harbor a low self-opinion, this crystal promotes self-love, making you see yourself in a different light. It infuses optimism and gives the strength to counter whatever is undermining your self-confidence and self-esteem.


#4 Helps in dreamworks

This crystal is extensively used for dreamworks, where it provides clarity to dreams and help you find their meanings. The crystal is also effective in dream recall without much efforts and in all clarity.


#5 Leads to success

If you measure your success in terms of business or career, this crystal is ideal for enhancing it. The crystal shields you from all the workplace negativity and illuminates the right path to succeed. It also brings in behavioral changes by replacing a losing mindset with a more ambitious one, leading to success.


#6 Heals emotional issues

Lepidolite is considered as one of the best emotional healers. Whether it is stress, anxiety or depression, using this stone will make you emotionally strong to withstand their onslaught. Not only this, this healing crystal has been found effective in countering manic depression, despondency and other traumas.


#7 Cures bodily ailments

If you are afflicted with bodily ailments, this crystal alleviates these problems. The crystal has been found to cure problems related to skin, hair and glands. It also heals disturbed immune system and enzyme imbalance. It has been found particularly useful in aiding recovery from addictions and alcoholism. It also diminishes problems faced in pregnancy and childbirth.


#8 Uplifts spiritually

Since this crystal is associated with the third eye and the crown chakras, it greatly influences cosmic consciousness and removes spiritual blockages to propel you forward on the path of spirituality.


The best source of Lepidolite

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