Get Maximum Benefits Of Rose Quartz Healing Crystals

There is little doubt that Rose Quartz has created a niche for itself in the crystal world due to its immense benefits. Composed of silicon dioxide, this hazy to translucent crystal commonly occurs in almost every part of the globe. Its soft rose color gives it its name. Derived from the core of granite pegmatites, the color of this quartz remains unchanged under heat or direct sunlight.


This crystal infuses divine loving energy and its soft feminine color portrays all-empowering love. Associated with the heart chakra, this crystal awakens the feelings of love and inspires one to love all and accept love from others.


Rose Quartz was used in ancient times in Egypt and Greece to gain several benefits. In the Orient too, it was a much-revered crystal and China actually used this crystal in its carvings.


Benefits of Rose Quartz crystal

Let us see the benefits of Rose Quartz:

Awakens feelings of love: Pink is the color of love has been amply proved by this soft pink crystal, also known as the stone of the heart. You can repose full faith on this crystal in matters of the heart.

Induces self-awareness: This crystal has the power to bring you in touch with your inner self. If you remain dissatisfied with yourself, using Rose Crystal may prove amazingly therapeutic in upping your self-worth.

Heals broken hearts: Not only does this crystal induce love and romance, it mends broken hearts too. If you were ever jilted in love, this crystal ensures you come back to normal fast from being down in the dumps.

Heals emotional trauma: Those who have been victims of childhood trauma, due to neglect or abuse, will find the curative and restorative powers of this crystal most beneficial.

Induces mental peace and tranquility: Keeping this crystal on person or in the vicinity promotes mental peace and harmony. It helps settle agitated minds and emotional upheavals.

A beauty aid: If you do like the Romans did in the days gone by, you can attain a fantastic complexion without applying anything on your face or body. Wearing this crystal not only does wonders for your complexion, but also helps smoothen your skin and get rids of wrinkles.

Alleviates symptoms of illness: It has been observed that Rose Quartz helps in warding off the ill effects of common ailments. In certain cases, it has cured fevers too. A Rose Quartz bath is also stated to be much beneficial in this regard.


Sourcing Rose Crystal

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