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Orgonite is a crystal that is beneficial to you in a number of ways. The basic function of this crystal is to cleanse the body of stagnant and negative energy.


What is Orgonite?


Orgonite is a blend of resin, metals and quartz. When it comes in contact or is placed in the vicinity of the body, it balances and harmonizes bioenergy, variously known as orgone, chi or prana energy.


Created by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, in the early part the 20th Century, this crystal displays piezoelectric properties that helps it to vibrate and give off orgone energy. It is this energy that works on the body and helps cleanse it of negative energy.


How does Orgonite help?

From time immemorial, Orgonite crystal has been used by people for the betterment of their health and life. Let us see the ways in which this crystal benefits us:

Makes one feel good: Orgonite helps you in feeling better physically and uplifts you spiritually. This is because of its power to remove energy blockages that facilitates the energy to flow unobstructed in the body. This makes the life more joyful and harmonious.

Mends relationships: Bringing Orgonite into the home or workplace, infuses harmony and a sense of bonhomie. This gives an impetus to harmonious relationships, both at workplace among co-workers and at home within the family.

Helps sleep better: For the insomniacs, this crystal is a godsend. Placing Orgonite in the room, energizes it and helps those having trouble sleeping, sleep soundly. It has reported to have cured chronic insomniacs.

Meaningful dreams: Orgonite not only helps one sleep better, but also brings on vivid dreams that, if interpreted correctly, are meaningful and related to events of the future.

Protects from electromagnetic force (EMF): Orgonite helps in neutralizing the harmful effects of EMF. It is especially effective against EMF emitting devices, such as computers, cellphones, televisions, refrigerators and other electronic and electric devices.

Improves plant growth: Experiments have found that Orgonite crystals, if placed in the vicinity of plants, accelerate their growth.

Charges drinking water: The orgone energy of Orgonite makes the water healthier and better tasting, when placed on an Orgonite charging plate.

Works against atmospheric pollution: The orgone energy is a great cleanser of atmospheric pollution.

Spiritual growth: Orgonite infuses your space with orgone energy. This energy cleanses the place of stagnant and negative energy. The positive energy that remains, in turn, helps in deep meditation, thereby contributing towards spiritual growth.


How to use Orgonite?


To get the best out of Orgonite crystals, wear them as pendants. It has been observed that wearing a Lapis Lazuli Orgonite pendant enhances intuition and spirituality, whereas a Turquoise Orgonite promotes healing and creativity.


The Orgonite pendants also dissolve energy blockages, increase the happiness quotient and signal a healthier internal energy flow. The time taken to eliminate energy blockages depends upon the severity of the blockages.


How to get the Orgonite pendant?


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