Healing Crystals Ward Off Depression And Improve Quality Of Life

In the stressful present-day world, it is increasingly becoming difficult to lead a normal life. Stress and depression can result from various sources, such as an abusive boss, a backstabbing colleague, a cheating wife, an abusive husband and the like. Facing many such life’s dreaded situations takes its toll on the mind and body, leading to depression that may eventually culminate in suicidal tendencies.


The sad part is, not everyone has recourse to counsellors or psychiatrists. What is one to do? One good option is to try out the healing crystals for depression. Yes, there are crystals that help you fight depression. Although crystals are considered to be the amplifiers of energy, there are some that also absorb energy.


When you are down in the dumps, your vibration is low. This is where these energy-absorbing crystals come into play. They raise your spirits and protect you from depression.


There are several healing crystals for depression, we bring you the best seven:


#1 Angel Aura

This is basically a quartz crystal that has been treated with precious metals, such as platinum and silver. This powerful crystal raises vibration instantly, merely by holding it in hand. It wards off dark moods and infuses hope and positivity.


#2 Amethyst

This crystal is immensely useful in warding off depression, since it heals at a deep level. It turns negative energies into positive ones. When worn over heart chakra, it also alleviates emotional pain and a feeling of emptiness.


#3 Carnelian

This mottled crystal, in orange, white and red hues, is most helpful in bringing positive changes in your life. The crystal emits energy that motivates and makes you proactive. It enhances positivity and reduces anxiety, thereby preventing depression.


#4 Citrine

Citrine in natural form is most effective, since it efficiently absorbs all the negative energy and, at the same time, introduces positive energy into the aura. Citrine, especially the Smoky Citrine, helps in developing a more positive mindset that dispels the feelings of anxiety and depression.


#5 Lepidolite

This purple-colored crystal is a ‘negative-thoughts catcher’ and is considered a powerful stone in countering depression. It also calms emotions and cures insomnia. In chakra therapy, it aids in opening the heart, throat, the third eye and the crown chakras.


#6 Rose Quartz

This crystal is a godsend for patients of depression and they should always carry one with them. It comforts, soothes and heals the body, and also infuses healing energy in the heart chakra. It raises self-esteem and is most helpful in stress management. It also helps in sleeping better, if kept on the bedside.


#7 Smoky Quartz

This inexpensive crystal is an efficient negative energy absorber. It also remedies negative thought patterns. The therapeutic qualities of this crystal work to overcome stress and depression. It makes you more tolerant of your situation, removes fear and uplifts dark moods.


Using the stones to heal depression


First and foremost, before using the crystals to heal depression, ensure that they are of the purest form. A good and trusted source is Ayana Wellness that offers genuine crystals of the purest quality at the most competitive prices. You can buy then online from ayanaproducts.com.


The can wear these crystals in jewelry or keep them on person or on your bedside to combat depression and ward off negativity coming from outside sources. Ayana Wellness offers a full range of such crystals encrusted in beautiful pieces of jewelry.

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