Awaken Your Psychic Powers With Ayana Wellness Energy Healing Crystals

If you know about crystals, you would know that they naturally vibrate. These healing crystal vibrations, when in contact or vicinity of your body, get converted into healing energy.


This important characteristic of energy healing crystals was discovered thousands of years ago and, since then, these have been used to heal all kinds of maladies afflicting people. Not only this, the metaphysical qualities of these crystals are known to influence luck and destiny.


All crystals heal


The good thing about natural crystals is that all have the power to heal in any sort of environment. The more powerful the vibrations of a crystal, the more potent it becomes in healing and making you progress in life.


Some crystals with higher frequencies have stronger energy fields that help raise your personal vibration. The secret is to harness the energy given out by such crystals.


Using crystal energy


Many stones are endowed with the highest vibrations, but are rare minerals. The trick is to combine the high energy of these stones with the more common high energy stones to get most out of them.


For example, if you aim to raise your vibration, you can opt for a combination of Herkimer Diamonds and Moldavite. Since, both are high frequency healing crystals and easily available, they become an ideal combination to raise vibration.


A raised vibration helps in gaining access to super consciousness brings you in contact with higher powers that otherwise are attained through deep meditation. These crystals open many other dimensions of which you were not aware of before.


High energy crystals


All high energy healing crystals are beneficial for you and there a total of around 39 high energy crystals for you to choose from. But, you will need to know what healing you require or what specific psychic abilities you need.


Let us see some of the popular high energy crystals:

Datolite: This crystal boosts memory and helps in problem solving. It also strengthens relationships and is found especially suitable in love and romance.

Stellar Beam Calcite: This crystal calms frayed nerves and stressed minds, making it ideal for use in meditation for gaining inner peace and harmony.

Herkimer Diamonds: Endowed with powerful metaphysical properties, these crystals imbue the power of clairvoyance and helps in astral travel. They also amplify the powers of smaller crystals.

Moldavite: Popular since ancient times as a wish-fulfilling stone and bringer of good lock, this crystal brings positive changes in life and provides psychic protection. It is also known as the ‘Holy Grail Stone’.

Danburite: Occurring in various colors, this crystal emits pure vibrations, providing energy that is extremely uplifting to the spirit. It helps activate higher consciousness and aids in achieving enlightenment.


Consistent use of these crystals helps in healing and also in amplifying the psychic gift that you may already possess.


Psychic protection


Since, these crystals awaken the spirit, it requires keeping psychic protection stones on person. Such crystals are Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Sugilite and Charoite.


Getting the energy healing crystals


Rare high energy crystals are expensive and not easily available. But, Anaya Wellness ensures that you have access to such crystals and at the most competitive rates. You simply have to click on and choose your energy healing crystals mounted on beautiful pieces of jewelry.

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