Ayana Crystals Has The Best Healing Crystals For Sale


Crystals have healing powers and have been used since antiquity by people all over the world. Today, crystal healing offers a safe technique for warding off illness, diseases and other health problems without any side effects.


Using crystals for healing


Crystals emanate vibrations that gets converted into healing energy. To be effective, they need to be in contact with a person’s body. One way of doing so is to either carry the crystal on person or wear it as a piece of jewelry.


The other more elaborate method is to place the crystals on different parts of the body that correspond to the chakras or create an energy grid by placing them around the body that surrounds the client with healing energy.


Selecting the crystals


The effectiveness of a crystal is directly proportional to its purity. Purer the healing crystal, more effective it will be. The internet is chock a block with websites offering all types of crystals. This may get you totally confused, since there are many fake sites operating.


The good news the most effective healing crystals for sale are available on anayaproducts.com. You can buy any healing crystal from this trusted website with your eyes closed and at the most competitive rates.


Let us see what is on offer:

Green Aventurine

This ‘stone of opportunity’ is believed to be the luckiest of all crystals. Its calming energy brings inner harmony that soothes the agitated mind and ruffled emotions. It curbs negative habits and boosts leadership qualities and self-confidence. It also brings prosperity and wealth. It is an August birthstone.

Anaya Wellness offer: Quality 18-inch silver plated necklace with Green Aventurine pendant and lobster-claw clasp. This piece of jewelry imparts powerful spiritual healing energies.


Lapis Lazuli

This ‘stone of success and intuition’ stimulates wisdom and intuition leading towards success in all spheres. It empowers one to achieve breakthroughs in life and ends struggling. It enhances memory, relieves anxiety and brings harmony in relationships. It is a December birthstone.

Anaya Wellness offer: Lapis Lazuli pendant in quality 18-inch silver plated necklace with lobster-claw clasp. This piece of jewelry infuses the body with healing energies.


This natural antidepressant assists in overcoming depression. It decreases anxiety, lowers stress and worry and, at the same time, brings hope and uplifts the spirit. This stone is ideal for emotional balance. It is a Libra birthstone.

Anaya Wellness offer: Lepidolite pendant in quality 18-inch silver plated necklace with lobster-claw clasp. This piece of jewelry helps in overcoming any kind of mental and emotional dependency.

Raw Purple Amethyst

This ‘stone of tranquility and peace’ calms the mind, eases stress and aids sleep. Working on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes, this stone helps remove subtle diseases and boosts spiritual growth. It is a February birthstone.

Anaya Wellness offer: Raw Purple Amethyst pendant in quality 18-inch silver plated necklace with lobster-claw clasp. This piece of jewelry quietens the mind and helps in meditation.

In addition to these crystals, there are many other that Ayana Wellness offers, such as Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, White Howlite and Orgonite with Black Tourmaline. Each of these crystals are authentic and genuine and possess sufficient vibrations to be used for Wiccan rituals, and for reiki and pranic healing.




These healing stones set as pendants in silver chains from Ayana Wellness Jewelry, provide immense healing benefits. You can order them online from ayanaproducts.com from the comfort of your home and improve your life and of those around you.

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