Get Rid Of Your Stress And Anxiety Using Anxiety Healing Crystals


Will I get the promotion I seek? Will my startup turn profitable? Will I find the right life partner? Will my marriage be a success? Will my children grow up to be achievers? These and myriad other issues of life keep us on tenterhooks and drive us towards stress and anxiety.


Add to this a demanding job, meeting deadlines, shouldering family responsibilities and commitments, and no time for relaxation. This is a sure shot recipe to make anyone irritable, anxious, nervous and apprehensive. In such a scenario, the ideal would be to take a step back and strive to relax and rejuvenate. But, in today’s hectic world this is certainly wishful thinking.


So, what does one do to get rid of anxiety and lead a normal life? One of the best methods of curing anxiety is by the use of crystals. These anxiety healing crystals have been used since antiquity and their use is becoming more and more common among people of all ages.


How do crystals help in healing anxiety?


Crystals have been known to bring calm and inner peace, and help in coping with specific circumstances. This effective therapy has no negative impact on the body and is applicable to all ages. Specific crystals possess the ability to ease the symptoms of anxiety and relieve stress.


Knowing which crystals are effective for you is important. We give below five anxiety healing crystals that display special attributes in countering anxiety:


#1 Lepidolite

Lithium, a naturally occurring ingredient in this crystal, is used in anti-anxiety drugs. Applying this crystal directly to the body gives the same benefits of warding off anxiety without any potential side effects of medication. The crystal is known to bestow clarity, and brings balance in times of stress and anxiety.


How to use: You can either carry the stone on person, so that it remains in contact with the body or hold it in the palm of your hand in times of stress. You can also meditate with it or place it over the third eye.

#2 Blue Lace Agate

This blue crystal of tranquility is found to be most effective in reducing anxiety and stress. This is because of its soothing vibrational energy that provides instant relaxation and calming of the nerves.


How to use: You can carry it on person and hold it whenever you experience anxiety attacks. For long-term benefits, you can wear this stone in a bracelet or some other piece of jewelry and get its calming vibrational energy all the time. You can also meditate with this blue crystal.


#3 Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love, is associated with the heart chakra. Gentle and loving vibrations emanate from this crystal that bestow tranquility and calm agitated emotions. The stone brings in the feelings of self-worth and boosts self-confidence.


How to use: This beautiful crystal maybe worn as a piece of jewelry to heal anxiety with its gentle vibrations.


#4 Black Tourmaline

When worries, anxiety and fears overwhelm and appear unsurmountable, Black Tourmaline comes to your rescue. It has been found to be effective in protecting against negative energy.


How to use: You can effectively heal anxiety by holding this crystal in your hand and visualizing your troubles. The vibrational power of this crystal will absorb all your troubles, leaving you with a feeling of calmness.


#4 Blue Calcite

The power of this crystal converts negative energy into positive vibrations that calms the mind, relaxes the body and purifies the soul. It enables you to see the stressful situation you are confronted with in a new light and shows the way out. It also helps heal frayed nerves and recurring anxiety.


How to use: Using it with the third eye chakra boosts anxiety healing.


#5 Aquamarine


Infused with the calming attributes of water, this pale blue crystal possesses the power to soothe disturbed mind and calm emotional upheavals. This crystal is especially effective in countering anxiety, fears and relationship problems.


How to use: Since ancient times, this crystal has been used in amulets and talismans. You can wear it in a piece of jewelry to get its full benefits.


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