The Miraculous Powers Of Orgonite Energy Devices

Orgonite crystal

If you have never heard of orgonite healing crystal, you are not alone. Many people are unaware of the miraculous healing properties of this substance to enjoy its health benefits. Orgonite – composed of resin, metal and crystals – is believed to strengthen the body’s energy field, and wards off electromagnetic field radiation and negative energy.


Who discovered orgonite?

This laudable discovery was made by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, who did research on orgone energy, variously known as chi or prana, in the beginning of the 20th Century. He is credited with laying the foundation for the present-day orgonite devices.


Does orgonite energy has a scientific basis?

Orgonite energy is no mumbo-jumbo, but based on scientific principles. Dr. Reich established that while organic materials attracts and retains orgone energy, non-organic metals both attract and repel the energy at the same time. The orgonite is composed of both organic and non-organic compounds in the form of a resin.


The resin is a mix of the two – the organic part is polyester resin based on petrochemicals and the inorganic, on metal chips, a mix of copper, brass, aluminum curls and some others. When a quartz crystal is introduced in the resin, its piezoelectric properties make the crystal emit a charge. This is because of the constant pressure exerted by the resin, when it is cured.


It is this constantly attracting and repelling energy, and the charge given off by the crystal, that mops up the stagnant and negative energy in the body, restoring it to its vibrant and healthy state. This transmutation of negative orgone energy into positive form is a continuous process that impacts the body at all times.


Little wonder, orgonite is a wonder substance that has the power to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.


How does orgonite benefit the body?


There is no doubt that orgonite benefits the body, but its effects are felt differently by the individuals. For some, the orgonite energy acts instantly and is felt as tingling or warm sensation, for others the effects are cumulative.


Orgonite benefits the body in the following ways:


  • Helps in sleeping better.
  • Keeps the body energetic and wards off fatigue.
  • Balances the moods, preventing depression and over-excitement.
  • Augments resistance to illness, but doesn’t cure it.
  • Enhances psychological and spiritual growth.


In addition to these benefits, orgonite also protects against electromagnetic fields, boost visualization, improves deep meditation and remove negative energy from specific body parts.


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These devices are available in the form of orgonite pendants, orgonite keychains, etc. Wearing the pendant or keeping the keychain in the pocket keeps the orgonite in touch with the body or in its vicinity. This not only protects the body from harmful electromagnetic waves from cell phones, microwaves, television, computers, but also dissolves energy blockages.


The orgonite devices are a must-have. Buy them and try them, and enjoy years healthy existence.

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