Amplify Your Crystal Healing with Orgonite Pendants!


Since antiquity crystals have been used in healing. Many kinds of precious and semi-precious stones were used in this kind of healing that continue to be used to this day.

The basic method of crystal healing is to place crystals on different parts of the body, corresponding to the chakras or to place them around the body to create an energy grid. Such arrangements send healing energy to the body, since crystals are believed to possess metaphysical attributes.

Orgonite crystals


Almost all kinds of crystals possess some kind of healing energy. However, orgonite is one man-made crystal that has proven most effective in restoring health and driving away negative energy.

This is because it generates orgone energy that effectively cleanses stagnant and negative energy, replacing it with positive orgone energy.

Orgonite is made up of a mixture of organic polyester resin and inorganic metal filings.

The two are mixed together in equal proportions and poured into a mold with a quartz crystal. While organic material attracts and retains orgone energy, inorganic material both attracts and repels this energy.

The resulting ‘scrubbing’ action generates orgone energy, which is enhanced by the piezoelectric current produced by the quartz crystal.

Using orgonite crystals for healing



Most crystals require elaborate settings on or around the body to be effective.

However, in the case of orgonite no such arrangements are really required. You just need to have it on person.

This is because an orgonite continuously produces orgone energy that constantly ‘bombards’ positive orgone energy on the body and surroundings.


This provides a multitude of health benefits. Little wonder the popularity of orgonite jewelry, pyramids and crystals has grown over time.

Benefits of orgonite

There are a number of benefits of orgonite. Let’s see what they are:


Makes one feel better: The orgone energy produced by orgonite clears energy blockages, gets rid of deadly orgone energy and replaces it with positive orgone energy. The resulting unobstructed flow of life energy makes a person feel better, both physically and spiritually, making life more harmonious and joyful.

Improves relationships: Orgonite is known to improve relationships, both at the workplace and home. Users are able to resolve any differences and enjoy much sharing and caring with co-workers and loved ones.

Counters effects of EMF: EMF or electromagnetic force, emitted by electrical and electronic devices and installations, has harmful effects on the body. The unique property of orgonite is that it is able to protect the body from these harmful radiations.

Improves sleep: For those who find it difficult to go to sleep find immense benefit by simply keeping orgonite in their room. The resulting energized environment promotes good sleep. Not only this, it also produces vivid dreams.

There are many more benefits of orgonite. The effects are increased manifold when it is used in combination with other crystals, such as lapis lazuli, that enhances intuition and spirituality, and turquoise, that promotes healing and creativity.

Orgonite jewelry and products

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