Orgonite: What is it?


If you have only heard of orgonite, you are certainly behind times. Today, orgonite devices have become immensely popular as healing tools, used for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Orgonite uses orgone energy for energy healing. This energy is the same as prana, chi, universal energy, life force, bioenergy recognized in other cultures. Orgonite devices accumulate this energy in concentrated forms and use it for curative purposes.



Orgone energy


The term ‘orgone’ was coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who discovered orgone energy during his research in the 1930s. Not only did he discover it, he also unraveled its unique properties.

He used the full potential of this energy in curing ailments, including cancer, albeit without much success.

However, this setback has in no way diminished the amazing powers of this energy. On the contrary, the popularity of orgonite devices have only increased.



Understanding orgone energy



Orgone energy exists in various forms in nature – neutral orgone energy, positive orgone energy and deadly orgone energy. It is only the positive orgone energy that ensures that living organisms exist in a healthy state.

The positive orgone energy turns to deadly orgone energy, when the life energy is obstructed from flowing freely. To illustrate, flowing water is full of vitality, but the moment it stops flowing, it becomes a stagnant, stinking pool that does not support life. Same is with orgone energy. It remains positive when it is free flowing, but becomes a dead energy when it becomes stagnant.


Deadly orgone energy adversely affects living organisms, producing ailments and chronic diseases that may ultimately lead to death.

Orgonite – the savior

You really don’t have to be at the mercy of deadly orgone energy, if it is not free flowing in your body. You can very well replace it with positive orgone energy by acquiring and using orgonite devices, which are easily available.

Orgonite device was first created by one of Reich’s students named Charles Kelley. Today, this process is replicated to produce even more effective orgonite devices.

Making an orgonite device


Orgonite is nothing but a mixture of fiberglass resin and metal shavings that are taken in equal proportions and poured into molds along with a quartz crystal.

The mixture when it comes together starts functioning as a self-driven orgone energy-generating engine, which continuously gives off positive orgone energy.

This is aided by the quartz crystal that comes permanently under pressure during the curing process.

This ‘squeezing’ action produces a piezoelectric effect inside the crystal that enhances the power of this positive energy generator.

It should be noted that although the crystal improves the functioning of orgonite, it is not essential for it.

Benefits of orgonite


Some of the benefits are:-

. Strengthens and balances an individual’s energy field.

. Protects against EMF radiation.

. Removes negativity; infuses positive energy.

. Assists in deep meditation.

. Balances moods.

. Improves sleep and induces vivid dreams.

. Helps in physical and psychological growth.

. Strengthens immunity against illness and diseases.

. Boosts plant growth.

The best orgonite devices

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