Crystal Healing Orgone


When Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, discovered orgone energy in the earlier half of the 20th Century, little did he realize that his man-made crystal in the form of Orgonite will compete with crystals found in nature and prove as effective.



Orgonite crystal properties

It is in the nature of an Orgonite crystal, comprising resin, metals and quartz, to balance and harmonize bio-energy. Wilhelm Reich found the following basic properties of crystal healing orgone energy:

  • Organic materials attract and retain orgone energy.
  • Non-organic metals simultaneously attract and repel orgone energy.
  • Orgone energy is primordial, cosmic energy that is omnipresent, that is, it fills all space.
  • This energy pulsates and is able to penetrate different kinds of matter at different speeds.
  • Orgone energy can be observed and measured.
  • The energy has special affinity towards water.
  • Orgone energy accumulates in living organisms through skin, as also through foods and breathing.

The crystal healing orgone energy, so produced, has been shown to benefit at physical, psychological and spiritual levels.

Benefits of Orgonite

The crystal healing orgone that an Orgonite crystal emits has some amazing benefits. However, these benefits differ from person to person. Some readily feel the energy in the form of tingling or warm sensations, while others only comprehend its cumulative effects.

Orgonite helps in:

. Making the body more energetic.

. Balancing the moods.

. Sleeping better and dreaming vivid dreams.

. Protecting against EMFs.

. Boosting immunity.

. Removing negative energy from immediate surroundings.

. Strengthening the power of imagination and visualization.

. Promoting plant growth.

. Deep meditation.

. Spiritual growth.

Positive versus deadly orgone energy

When the crystal healing orgone energy is positive, it is deemed healthy. But, if it stagnates, it turns deadly. A pure environment is due to the balanced and harmonious orgone energy.

For example, nature in its pristine form with green forests, snowclad mountains, crystal clear waters, virgin white snows, are charged with balanced and harmonious orgone energy. This energy gives a positive feel to the place and makes the whole surroundings elicit positive vibes.

In contrast, the modern technologies vitiate the atmosphere with EMF radiations, thereby polluting and stagnating the environment. The culprits are the mobile phone masts and microwave towers. This deadly orgone energy can lead to ill health and can also cause chronic and incurable diseases.

Healing chakras

Thus, it is important that crystal healing orgone is kept positive by keeping stagnation at bay. This way the body will remain in perfect health. The way of doing it is by keeping the energy flowing smoothly in the chakras by wearing an Orgonite crystal or keeping it on person.

The Orgonite crystal helps keep the seven main chakras of the body – the energy vortices – unobstructed. By preventing their blockage, this crystal prevents serious illnesses and other psychological problems. Using Orgonite crystal results in a healthier and happier life.

Buying Orgonite crystal

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