Healing Orgone Energy




It is perfectly normal to find the energy flowing smoothly in a physically and emotionally healthy person. However, obstructions to this energy flow diminish the bodily vibrations and may manifest as different kinds of ailments.

Symptoms of energy blockages

Emotions are nothing but body’s feedback to indicate if the energy is flowing freely or is blocked. They act as a barometer to indicated blockages. If you feel your whole body buzzing, it means healthy energy is flowing through the body unobstructed. However, if you feel negative emotions, the energy is blocked.

Blockages invariably lead to health problems. From time immemorial, people have been using traditional therapies to unblock this bodily energy through ancient systems such as yoga and Qi Gong. These systems free the blocks in the body to facilitate a smooth energy flow once again. However, these systems have to be mastered to be of use and require devoting time and energy.

There is a better way to unclog the energy and that is by means of suitable crystals. Orgonite, created by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the early 20th Century, is one such crystal that emanates healing orgone energy

that cures the body.

Healing energy blockages with Orgonite

Healing orgone energy is a godsend for those who suffer from energy blockages. Why Orgonite is so powerful in restoring the energy flow is because it converts stagnant and negative energy into healthy and positive energy. Just by wearing an Orgonite crystal or keeping it on person will help in infusing healing orgone energy in the body to unblock the obstructions.

Many people have experienced increased happiness and improved health by wearing Orgonite jewelry, as the healing orgone energy emitted by it clears any obstructions. However, there is a more effective way of ridding obstructions by combining Orgonite with chakra meditation.


Orgonite and chakra meditation

To understand this combination of Orgonite and chakra meditation, you first have to understand what these chakras are. Chakras are energy vortices in your body and there are seven main ones corresponding to different organs of the body. Let’s see what they are:

1. Root chakra: Located at the base of spine in the tailbone area.

2. Sacral chakra: Located in lower abdomen, two inches below the navel.

3. Solar plexus chakra: Located in upper abdomen in the stomach area.

4. Heart chakra: Located in the center of the chest, just above the heart.

5. Throat chakra: Located in the throat.

6. Third Eye chakra: Located on the forehead between the eyes.

7. Crown chakra: Located at the very top of the head.


The energy obstructions in these chakras manifest as negative emotions. Thus, if Heart chakra is obstructed you may experience painful feelings in your chest on being heartbroken and disappointed; if your stomach is churning, your Solar plexus chakra is blocked; if you experience tightness of throat, then your Throat chakra is blocked; and so on.By using healing orgone energy of the Orgonite crystal and chakra meditation these symptoms can be set right, making way for the energy to flow smoothly once again.

Where to get Orgonite?

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