Orgonite Pencil Pendants


Dr. Wilhelm Reich has been credited with discovering orgone energy in the early 20th Century. This energy, also known as chi, prana, universal life force, etc., is capable of transforming your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Orgonite crystal emits orgone energy due to its ingredients comprising resins, metals and a quartz crystal. To take the full advantage of orgone energy, you must know how to use the Orgonite. There are various ways it can be done:


1. Meditating on Orgonite pyramid

Hold the Orgonite pyramid in your hand and feel the energy emanating from it. Once you have felt it, you can send it to the afflicted parts of your body for healing or even send it to your loved ones, if they need healing. Since the energy emanated is unlimited, you can use as much as you want.





2. Placing Orgonite in your toilet tank

Since toilet and all the water flow in your home are akin to your personal stream of consciousness, placing Orgonite in the toilet tank helps generate a positive flow of orgone energy within the house, every time the toilet is flushed.

3. Placing Orgonite at places that need healing

The biggest source of the problem is the EMF radiations emanating from cell phone towers and other electrical and electronic gadgets. By simply burying Orgonite crystals under trees or in a stream, you can negate the effects of such radiations. Not only this, the orgone energy emitted by Orgonite also gets distributed and has a healing effect on the Mother Earth and the people residing there.




4. Carrying Orgonite in person

Wherever you go, you can always carry Orgonite crystal in your pocket. Doing so will always keep you infused with energy. You can also place Orgonite at your office or work desk, since its energy gets transmitted to all within vicinity to make the workplace a happier and a friendlier place.

5. Placing Orgonite in bathing water

Placing Orgonite along with other crystals, such as the Dead Sea or Himalayan salt crystals, in your bathing water helps with relaxing and detoxing the body and mind. Its use also gives soothing and energizing effects.




Wearing an Orgonite pendant or necklace

An effective way to take full advantage of the healing properties of orgone energy is to wear it around your neck in the form of a pendant. Such pendants come in a variety of forms. One of the most attractive forms is the Orgonite pencil pendant.

The most effective way for carrying Orgonite

Although all methods enumerated above are effective, wearing Orgonite as a pendant, especially Orgonite pencil pendant, is deemed most effective. This is because a pendant always hangs at chest level that holds all the vital organs of the body. The continuously emanating orgone energy keeps these organs in perfect health and preempts any problems, before they occur. Those suffering will get completely healed by means of an Orgonite pencil pendant. Such pendants are being offered by Ayana Wellness in their purest form. You can buy them online from






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