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Crystal healing basically employs crystals and gemstones for healing all kinds of ailments, since most possess therapeutic properties.

Not only this, crystal healing products made out of these crystals also infuse positive vibes in homes and the workspace.

Best healing crystals

Some of the best healing crystals are:

1. Quartz

This clear and bright universal stone is a natural crystal that comes in many forms, such as clusters, points, chunks, etc. It is said to be a powerhouse of energy that stimulates brain function and helps one in remaining active and alert.

It not only stores and transmits positive energy, but also amplifies it.






2. Amethyst

It is a type of quartz that possesses deep purple tips. Its color varies from purple to wine color and is perfect for curing hangovers and drunkenness. The crystal also helps in connecting with one’s own spirituality.

It enhances psychic ability and helps make a distinction between reality and illusion.



3. Rose Quartz

This opaque, delicate pink crystal seems to glow from within. Such is the allure of this crystal that it is popularly known as ‘love stone’.

Using this crystal strengthens relationships, dispels negativity and creates tranquility in the surroundings.


4. Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye crystal is simply amazing to look at, what with its deep amber, striated and naturally lustrous appearance. It shines even when unpolished. It is one of the best balancing and grounding stones.

It is a good stress buster too. It makes one more aware and understanding.

It also leads to prosperity by adding to the wealth.



5. Iron Pyrite

Iron Pyrite, famously known as ‘fool’s gold’, is a good therapeutic stone that wards off negative energy and protects one from physical danger. It boosts memory and intellect.


It may not be real gold, but its properties are as valuable as real gold!


6. Citrine

This is a popular healing crystal is a form of quartz crystal. It is easily distinguishable by its lovely amber or honey color. It generates warm and optimistic energy and, at the same time, efficiently dispels negative energy.


It is available in many different forms, such as chunks, points, and the like.



7. Desert Rose

This form of selenite, with its round, multifaceted shape and sandy color marked with bright white crystal formations, is simply fascinating to look at. It brings mental clarity, insight and awareness.


This makes it perfect for meditation and is believed to help in accessing the past and future lives.



8. Celestine

The cool sky-blue color of this crystal looks inviting. What makes this crystal amazing is that each piece is unique and is found in nature in clusters ranging in size from tiny points to larger outcroppings.


This balancing crystal has a calming effect on the mind, providing mental peace and clarity.



9. Raw Emerald

Raw Emerald, as compared to a cut one, is opaque and displays a soft, matte texture with hues ranging from pale green to smoky grey.


The stone ensures success in love, as it promotes loyalty and sensitivity. It also eliminates negativity.



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