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If you are familiar with crystals you would know that certain crystals are most useful in crystal healing therapy. Once such crystal is Orgonite. Among all the crystal products, Orgonite products seem to have more allure for the masses for crystal healing.



Orgonite – a man-made crystal

One thing that is unique about Orgonite is that it is man-made. The credit for this goes to Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who in the early 20th Century discovered the power of orgone energy that is variously known as chi, prana and universal life force.

To generate orgone energy, this Austrian psychiatrist created a crystal called Orgonite. When he put together resin (an organic based on petrochemicals),metal shavings (inorganic) and a quartz crystal in combination, he found that organic materials in this combination attract and hold orgone energy, while non-organic metals both attract and repel the energy at the same time. This constant attracting and repelling generates a ‘scrubbing’ action.

The ‘scrubbing’ action, together with the piezoelectric current given off by the quartz crystal under pressure from shrinking resin, makes the Orgonite emit orgone energy.

This energy not only balances and harmonizes bio-energy, but also cleanses stagnant and negative energy, thereby infusing positivity in the body. This helps in healing ailments.

Today, all the Orgonite products and devices are built on Reich’s findings.

Orgonite products

The internet offers some interesting and effective Orgonite products. Let us have a look at what’s on offer:

Orgone disc: This disc, composed of Orgonite materials, is available in both small and large sizes. It proves most effective in purifying food and water, as also in reducing chronic pain.

It effectively rids your home and other premises of negative energy and heals the mind and body. Over time, one can enjoy abundance and happiness.



Orgone Zapper: The Orgonite Zapper claims to destroy parasites and germs throughout the body, such as viruses, bacteria, worms, fungal and yeast infections and the like. It also claims to heal allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue and candida.

Orgone Pyramid: This is a popular device that not only contains the materials of Orgonite, but also additional substances in its orgone mix. Every pyramid is unique and helps the owner in various ways. For example, those unable to sell their houses for years were able to do so within weeks of obtaining the Orgone Pyramid. The pyramid also benefits autistic kids and heals various bodily ailments.


Orgone jewelry: Handcrafted orgone necklaces with Orgonite pendant set in gold, silver and other metals are not only beautiful to look at, but help the wearer in various ways. As someone said that these Orgonite products are more than jewelry, these are Talisman. They bring spiritual protection, luck, abundance and protects one from harmful effects of EMF radiations.

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