Rose Quartz Healing Crystal


What makes Rose Quartz such a popular crystal from ancient times is its amazing soft pink color and some unique properties. Since antiquity, this crystal has been used in love rituals and ceremonies. Rightly, it is a stone of the hopeless romantic!

Chemically, Rose Quartz is silicon dioxide. And its pink hue is due to numerous tiny pink fibers, called didi dumortierite, that look so alluring through this glassy stone. However, if Rose Quartz is exposed to the sun for too long, it may lose its lovely shade due to irradiation.

The best part is that Rose Quartz is found in abundance throughout the world, but the main sources are Brazil, Madagascar, India and

South Africa. This crystal is found both individually and in clusters.

Rose Quartz down the ages

The first known use of Rose Quartz is found in the ancient civilizations of Rome and Assyria, where Rose Quartz jewelry was unearthed. It was extensively used as talismans by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Egyptians, in particular, also believed in thecurative powers of this crystal and used it for preventing wrinkles and alsas an anti-aging agent.

However, it was in the Greek and Roman myths that Rose Quartz got linked to love. In both the myths, Cupid, the Roman God of desire, and Eros, the Greek God of love, bestow the gift of love through Rose Quartz. Some myths attribute its color to Aphrodite’s blood thatshe shed while saving Adonis, her lover. This pink stain is said to represent eternal love. Even native Americans used Rose Quartz in amulets to dispel anger &disappointments through love.


Healing properties of Rose Quartz

Not only does Rose Quartz embody unconditional love, it also facilitates in elevating your consciousness to a higher level. It bestows wisdom and helps provide different perspectives to a situation. It builds compassion and imparts a sense of forgiveness and understanding.

Rose Quartz is associated with the element of water. Therefore, its properties are naturally fluid and help cleanse the toxic energies and emotions concentrated within the body. It makes all the negativity flow out and replace it with pure love. It also bestows the power to dispel fear and suspicion, thereby strengthening trust and goodwill.

Being a crystal of love, it is closely associated with the Heart chakra. This chakra is healed by the feminine energy of Rose Quartz that balances it and aligns it with the Third Eye chakra. These chakras, working in harmony, call upon the omnipresent curative spirit of the Mother Earth to heal a variety of ailments, both physical and mental.

Rose Quartz also brings love and compassion into life by simply meditating on it. This also helps in improving the mood, if you are down in the dumps.

Procuring Rose Quartz

The purest variety of Rose Quartz will be most effective. Although this crystal is readily available online with crystal retailers, you can get saddled with a crystal that is not of

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