Orgonite Healing Crystal Products


When Dr. Wilhelm Reich successfully discovered orgone energy in the early 20th Century by composing Orgonite from basic materials, the science of creating Orgonite has undergone tremendous improvement. Consequently, Orgonite healing crystal products are now available in their most effective form.



How is Orgonite created?

As compared to the initial stages of Orgonite development, where it used basic organic and inorganic materials, today Orgonite is made out of more complex orgone matrix material. It comprises metal chips of copper, brass, aluminum, etc. and polyester or fiberglass resin, along with a quartz crystal. This creates sophisticated Orgonite devices.

These devices are way better than orgone accumulators of yesteryears that accumulated both negative and positive energy without differentiating.

The latest Orgonite healing crystal products do a better job. The organic substances attract and hold orgone charge, while the metallic ones repel it. The ensuring push and pull produces a ‘scrubbing’ action that pulls in bioenergy that helps in healing various kinds of ailments.

Why go for Orgonite healing crystal products?

The main advantage of owning Orgonite healing crystal products is to take the full benefits of the orgone energy emitted by them. This energy, also known as chi or prana, is both curative and protective.

Let’s see its properties:

Omnipresent: Orgone energy is present everywhere and fills all space.

Flows towards orgone concentrations: Orgone energy is attracted by concentrations of orgone energy, flowing from lower potential to higher.

Is life energy: Orgone energy is life energy and differentiates the living from non-living. This energy has great influence on the phenomena of life.

Superimposes to boost power: One unique feature of orgone energy is that it gets superimposed on other streams of orgone energy, thereby collectively boosting its power.

Ideal for Orgonite devices: It proves ideal for orgone energy devices, because it can be manipulated and controlled through these devices.

Orgonite Healing Crystal Products

Orgonite healing crystal products come in various forms. Let’s have a look:

Orgonite pyramid: The Orgonite pyramid enhances the power of orgone energy, since it is an energy collector. It also helps in creating harmonic vibrations and provides a healing environment for the body to function properly. The Orgonite pyramid needs to be aligned to the magnetic north.

Orgonite cone: The property of the cone to emit a positive life energy is enhanced by the Orgonite present in it. A small Orgonite cone usually suffices for a small room and a larger cone is needed for the full house for purifying and balancing it. An Orgonite cone doesn’t need to be aligned to the magnetic north.

Orgonite disc: Drinking water on a large Orgonite disc removes existing negative energies from the water. Simultaneously, it also infuses the water with positive orgone energies. Orgonite disks are also used to charge up the crystals.

Orgonite pendants: An Orgonite pendant, when worn, keeps in contact with the body and helps in strengthening the body’s aura, making it resilient to negative influences.


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