Black Tourmaline - Earth's Perfect Protection Crystal


Black Tourmaline has had a mysterious past, what with the wizards and magicians using this crystal, then known as Schorl, as protection against the spells of the demons.


However, in modern times, the credit for popularizing this stone goes to George Kunz, a mineralogist and jeweler.


It was Kunz who, in 1876, introduced Green Tourmaline procured from Maine, by selling it to the renowned Tiffany & Co. Today, this stone is used in talismans for protection.


Black Tourmaline has been known throughout the ages as the most potent protective charm in existence. Wearing it guards yourself from physic attack, negative energy, EMF and radiation while easing anxiety and increasing self confidence.


Physical characteristics of Black Tourmaline

Of all the crystals existing on this earth, Black Tourmaline is perhaps the blackest of them all. It is neither transparent or translucent, but is entirely opaque. However, the beautiful crystals of this stone may be found in highly lustrous form. Little wonder, it has been categorized as one of the most visually appealing black crystals.

Tourmaline is basically aluminum borosilicate mixed with various metals, such as iron, magnesium and the like. The addition of these components in varying degrees is what gives Tourmaline its color that can range from black, violet, brown and blue to green, yellow pink and red.

Black Tourmaline crystals exist in many shapes. The most common being an elongated, heavily straited, prismatic crystal. However, it may also exist in short and stubby prismatic forms.

A crystal that protects


Black Tourmaline, since antiquity, has been used as a psychic armor to deflect negative energies and other destructive elements from harming an individual. The modern-day menace of electromagnetic radiations and other environmental pollutants is also effectively warded off by the use of this crystal.

However, Black Tourmaline’s claim to fame is its powerful grounding feature. It is known to provide a connection between the Earth and the human spirit. It also helps in aligning the chakras or the energy centers of the body, thereby contributing towards holistic healing.

What’s more, Black Tourmaline has traditionally been used to foretell the future and identify of an offender. It has been used in rituals as a shamanic stone. So, it is not surprising that this stone remains the preferred choice of the metaphysical practitioners around the globe.

Benefits of Black Tourmaline


Besides its psychic significance, Black Tourmaline display many other benefits. Let’s see what they are:

  • Infuses self-confidence and bestows a sense of power.
  • Empowers in a challenging environment.
  • Improves concentration and focus.
  • Protects against environmental pollutants and electromagnetic radiations.
  • Gives relief from panic attacks, especially caused by claustrophobia.
  • Effectively protects against emotional blackmailers.
  • Acts as an aphrodisiac by aiding detection of pheromones through heightened sense of smell.
  • Effective in busting stress and easing anxiety.
  • Effectively treats motion sickness.

Procuring Black Tourmaline


For Black Tourmaline to be effective, it has to be in its purest form. Ayana Wellness, an online crystal jewelry portal, offers only the purest form of this crystal that aid in powerful spiritual healing.

Black Tourmaline is available in the form of a pendant in a silver-plated chain with an adjustable leather cord. It can be ordered online from

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