The Ben Wa Balls Dilemma - String or no String?


We all want to make our sex lives interesting. There is the Kamasutra dispensing 245 interesting sex positions, most of them unachievable by lay couples. And then there are the sex toys to heighten our sexual pleasure.

Speaking of sex toys, the ones that come readily to mind are the vibrators, masturbators, dildos, love swings and other popular ones. However, there is one that is never heard of and this toy is called the Ben Wa Balls.

What are Ben Wa balls?

Ben Wa balls consist of two hollow balls. One ball is loaded with a heavy metal ball or mercury and the other is hollow. The two balls are interconnected by means of a string or a material strip. Most Ben Wa balls have a string attached to the loaded ball.



How are Ben Wa balls used?

This vaginal sex toy is designed to give intense sexual pleasure to women. This hands-free toy is considered an amazing alternative to sex with partner and masturbation, and is also easy to use too. All a woman has to do is to insert these balls into her vaginal cavity, hollow ball first and enjoy.

For a newbie, inserting these balls may need some practice and getting used to. A stepwise approach to inserting would prevent injury. Let’s see the steps:

  • Since a woman’s vagina may be dry or not well lubricated, inserting these balls may prove painful. Using a lubricant on the balls to help them glide in is a good idea.
  • The best position to insert these balls is to lie down in a relaxed position, with legs spread wide, and push the lubricated balls, one by one, into the vaginal cavity.



  • Once inside, the balls are held in position by tensing the leg muscles and doing Kegel exercises.
  • Constant practice will help the woman to retain the balls in place, while she goes about doing her work and getting aroused at the same time!

How do Ben Wa balls work?



The best part is that the woman doesn’t need to do anything to make this sex toy work. The slightest movements of her hips or thighs are enough to make the loaded ball move or roll producing vibrations of such sweet intensity as to impart series of mind-blowing orgasms.




Is the string needed with Ben Wa balls?

If the woman is able to insert Ben Wa balls easily, she can take them out easily too. However, sometimes the balls get lodged firmly in the cervix and refuse to come out. On such occasions, the string provided with Ben Wa balls comes in handy in pulling the balls out.


However, for Ben Wa balls without a string, the woman will need to stay calm, apply some more lube and squat or move around. The balls are likely to slide out by themselves.

So, the solution to the dilemma of string or no string rests with the woman. If she wants easy extraction of balls and is comfortable with one end of the string hanging out of her vagina, she should go in for stringed Ben Wa balls. If she is confident of extracting the balls by means of lube, then one without the string is for her.


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