Fluorite – Powerful Grounding Crystal



Of all the grounding and harmonizing crystals, Fluorite holds a pride of place in the gemstone world. Not only this, this stone also acts as a bridge between the human mind and the universal consciousness. This makes it one of the prized psychic stones.

Physical characteristics of Fluorite

The word ‘Fluorite’ has its origin in the Latin word ‘fluere’, meaning ‘to flow’. Although found around the world, its main source is countries, such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, UK and China.



Fluorite, initially known as fluorspar, is extensively used in iron smelting and in creating certain types of glasses and enamels. It exists in a variety of colors that are pleasing to the eye, such as green, blue, purple, transparent and even rainbow color.


This stone has found use not only in ornaments, but also for laying in decorative designs. However, it is the metaphysical qualities of this stone that makes it so popular.

Metaphysical properties of Fluorite

The geometrical shape of the Fluorite crystal is considered sacred and is the reason why this stone is a powerful grounding crystal. This crystal calms the mind, aids in meditation and in balancing the chakra energy. It is an indispensable stone for crystal therapy and helps in connecting with higher consciousness, when placed between the eyebrows.

This stone enhances mental capabilities, bestowing stability and clarity of thought. It also helps in focusing the mind by intensifying the power of concentration. Like many other crystals, this crystal too helps in absorbing negative energies from the environment, thereby cleansing the aura and the chakras.

Improving and strengthening your mental capabilities and powers, fluorite also assists in speedy union and right conveying of information.

Grounding capabilities of Fluorite

As already mentioned, Fluorite effectively grounds and harmonizes the various energies in the microcosm. This gives rise to intuitive insights that help in dealing with all sorts of negative and difficult situations. Prolonged use helps in making the universal consciousness more transparent and accessible.

The stone also displays protective qualities though in a subtler form that shields from negative influences. It also protects from psychic manipulation.

Fluorite is also helpful in clearing up the smeared energies in the surrounding atmosphere. It also develops a lucid communication with spirit. Providing a better connection between the physical self and spiritual world, it helps you get a mind that is more aware and conscious of knowing what exists in the spiritual world.

Fluorite’s influence on chakras

The color of Fluorite is associated with specific body chakras that influences the body on psychic and physical levels.

● Green Fluorite: Associated with the heart chakra, this green crystal helps in developing intuition, absorbs excess energy and makes one totally grounded. It also helps in dealing with emotional trauma.

Blue Fluorite: This Fluorite is associated with the throat chakra and aids in unhindered communication. It has calming energy that bestows inner peace and emotional balance.

Purple Fluorite: The color of this Fluorite may range from purple to pink. It is linked to the third eye chakra and helps in raising the states of consciousness and in gaining spiritual vision.

Clear Fluorite: This stone, though associated with the crown chakra, helps in balancing all the chakras. It aids in spiritual evolution by linking to spiritual energies.

Rainbow Fluorite: It displays all the attributes of the colored chakras, thereby promoting joy and creativity.

Fluorite crystal jewelry

Fluorite jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from pendants and necklaces to rings and beads.


Since, Fluorite is an inexpensive stone and pleasing to the eye, it is much sought after for its looks, as well as for its metaphysical properties.


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