Sodalite – Crystal To Weather The Storms Of Life


Of all the gemstones that commonly figure in discussions, Sodalite is perhaps seldom mentioned. The reason is this ornamental gemstone is not as well known to the lay public. However, in reality, this stone is extensively used in all kinds of ornaments and jewelry, and for therapeutic purposes, too.






Sodalite: Origin


The first discovery of Sodalite was made in Greenland in 1811, but its value as an ornamental stone was recognized when it was found in Ontario, Canada in 1891. Sodalite had been used even before its discovery in modern times by the people belonging to Caral, a large settlement in the Supe Valley, near Lima, Peru. They procured Sodalite from the Collao altiplano and Lukurmata in the Bolivian Andes.

Sodalite has remained a favorite of painters, artists and sculptors as an inspirer. Its blue color was considered sacred and used in paintings for coloring Mother Mary’s robes.



Sodalite: Physical characteristics

Sodalite derives its name from its sodium content that makes it hard and fragile at the same time. The most alluring aspect of this gemstone is its blue color, though it also exists in other colors, such as pink, yellow, green and gray. Some stones also display veins or blotches.

However, it is the blue-colored Sodalite that is valued by jewelers, the more uniform the blue, the greater is the stone’s value. The blue of Sodalite is the traditional royal blue, as opposed to the ultramarine blue of Lapis Lazuli. This comparatively less expensive stone is also known as ‘poor man’s lapis’. It lends itself to being polished into beads and pendants of exquisite beauty.


Physically, Sodalite can ease anxiety and panic attacks, mental confusion, and fear/phobias. Use Sodalite to strengthen the immune system, ease insomnia and balance metabolism.

Sodalite: Healing properties

Sodalite is not only pleasing to look at, but has some amazing healing powers, both physical and spiritual. On the physical level, this stone helps in stimulating the pituitary gland, alleviates the problems associated with the heart, wards of anxiety and depression, replacing them with love and inspiration. Sodalite is also effective against the harmful electromagnetic pollution in the environment.

On the spiritual plane, Sodalite infuses a sense of calm and makes one endure the storms of life with aplomb. This grounding stone also energizes the spiritual being, thereby opening spiritual perception.

It also promotes intuition and a trust in one’s own judgment, which can be a great ally in daily life.


Carrying Sodalite in person not only provides relief from tension and fear, but also from negative emotions. It helps in getting empowered and inspired. Associated with the third eye chakra, this stone imparts curative vibrations for healing the body, mind and spirit.


Those suffering from everyday stress and anxiety will find this stone soothing and calming, since it promotes peace and tranquility. It also acts as a link between your physical and spiritual selves.



Sodalite jewelry

If you desire exquisite, yet affordable jewelry, try Sodalite jewelry from Ayana Wellness. It is available in variety of shapes and sizes, such as beads, bracelets, pendants, bangles, necklace or simply as oval or round gemstones.

For Sodalite jewelry to last a lifetime, avoid getting it wet, since water erodes its outer coating. To dry, wipe it with a soft cloth. Being fragile, Sodalite needs to be kept away from other jewelry and objects to avoid scratches and chipping.



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