Rhodonite Brings People Together And Boosts Love

The fragile, delicate and alluring rose-colored Rhodonite is certain to win over anyone’s heart. Guess which chakra is it associated with? Of course, it is the Heart Chakra.

This crystal is credited with promoting togetherness and has been rightly termed the ‘brotherhood of humanity’, with its power to bring about cooperation, altruism and generosity.

Physical aspects of Rhodonite


Rhodonite belongs to Pyroxenoid group of minerals and is chemically known as manganese inosilicate. Found mostly in compact clusters, its color may range from rose-pink to red. This crystal may also occur in different shades, such as orange-red and brownish-red. It usually has manganese dioxide-infused black dendritic veins or patches.

It is rare to find Rhodonite as an independent crystal. If found, its weight usually doesn’t exceed more than one gram. These independent crystals, when cut, turn out to be magnificent gems.

Brief history of Rhodonite

Rhodonite was first discovered in the Ural Mountains in Russia way back in the 1790s. It was named orletz by the locals that means ‘eagle stone’ in Russian. This is because the eagles of the region carried this stone to their nests.

Probably this observation prompted the locals to place this stone in babies’ cradles and in the pockets of those traveling for protection. This crystal soon became a favorite with Russian czars and nobles, who adorned themselves with ornaments made of orletz and used it in ornamental carvings and inlays.


Such was its popularity that in 1913, it was declared Russia’s national stone. Today, this crystal is mined across the globe. In Massachusetts, USA, this stone became the official gemstone of the state in 1979.

Curative powers of Rhodonite

Rhodonite has some extraordinary curative properties that are deeper and long lasting. Deemed an ‘emotional first aid stone’, this crystal is amazingly effective in calming emotional shock and panic. It helps in dealing with painful issues and prevents self-destructive tendencies.

If you are prone to anger and rage, this crystal helps in calming the mind. Past resentments and grudges get resolved by using this stone, as it empowers you to see a holistic image of the issues troubling you, thereby upping the chances of a reconciliation. Not only does Rhodonite resolve conflicts, it promotes love and camaraderie.

Benefits of Rhodonite

In addition to its curative powers, Rhodonite is beneficial in several ways:


  • Dispels anxiety and provides inner strength in challenging situations.
  • Alerts individuals to prevailing circumstances and points out the way to deal with it.
  • Provides wisdom to not succumb to the feelings of revenge and retaliation.
  • Forewarns of dangers and curbs the tendency to panic.
  • Protects against envy and jealousy, and mends relationships.





Using Rhodonite

Rhodonite, being a gem, can be worn in jewelry that you can easily procure from Ayana Wellness from their website ayanacrystals.com.

This crystal can also be kept at the workplace to boost self-esteem and overcome the feelings of inadequacy.

Keeping it at home will not only infuse positive vibes, but also generate passionate sexual energy.

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